Gmail lets you paste formatted text and images

Google continues to work so that every time you need a computer to work less and can do more with Android applications. We have especially seen in recent months with updates from Google Drive, Docs and Sheets, and now it is his turn to Gmail. Gmail version 6.11 includes only an improvement, but very important: it is now possible to copy and paste text fragments that remain the source format, even including images. So far, if you did this Gmail for Android hit it as…

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SwiftKey Keyboard adds incognito, clipboard and more

SwiftKey is undoubtedly one of the best keyboards for Android. It has everything from writing without lifting your finger up issues, personalized predictions using neural networks and more. Best of all is that after so many years; continue to improve the application version after version. This time reaches the stable version of SwiftKey several of the developments we saw for months in beta. It is now available for all the new Hub of options that opens a way Incognito, the clipboard with text clips and…

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Solitaire architectonic of Microsoft comes to iOS and Android

Perhaps only the most gamers of the place have played solitaire. One of the most popular titles that have existed in Windows and more hours (including work) has stolen users. And it is a simple game that came with the accompanying operating system as another classic Minesweeper. Nothing graphics or special effects infarction dream. Only a deck of cards on the screen that made the playing pass the long hours on the computer. And what happened to the solo in an era where social networks…

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Microsoft Paint: Redesigning a classic without losing personality

Microsoft Paint has accompanied the Windows operating systems since 1985, and have since been very few changes that have been made in its interface. That is why we were surprised to discover they had decided to modernize its interface to adapt to the times of touch in a new version that has begun testing in the Preview program builds beta testers Insider. At the moment it is only an alpha version, which means that until it is released the final can still change many things…

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Photos Microsoft is updated with a revamped interface and new filters

Following the round of updates before us today is the turn of one of the most used applications in the Windows Catalog. And who more and who less saved his team a lot of photographs through the application Photos Microsoft can always have on hand. From Redmond they have decided to update its photo application in its public release. An update now includes some of the developments that had already appeared in the version available earlier in the Insider Program and now we analyze.

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Google Photos launches new filters and editing controls for your photos

Google wants to be the storage center for our photos and if a few days ago we talked about the new app PhotoScan to scan these old photos that we have at home, today it is the turn to Google Photos and their latest update to version 2.4. The latest version of Google Pictures brings several important developments focused on image editing, including new filters and editing options. In addition, Google offers more automatic films and users of countries in which is available can search…

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WhatsApp against Google Duo, who has the best video calls?

After months of rumors and beta versions that seemed to never end, video calls are finally coming to WhatsApp to all users. With this feature the most used communication app worldwide expands its functions beyond messaging, also betting on a more visual aspect as they did some of its competitors for some time. Meanwhile, Google bet on the opposite strategy and not mix the features in one app, but it offers them in separate services with Allo for messaging and Duo for video calls. Now…

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Microsoft Edge again boast of security against Google Chrome and Firefox

We live in a time when browsers to perform searches on the network have a more fierce competition. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the king of all, Google Chrome is embroiled in controversy over which is better, which consumes fewer resources or that is safer. We have seen studies that support answers for everyone, sometimes oriented in one direction or another by different interests. And all that existed comes to add a new one in which Microsoft Edge comes out winner of the triumvirate…

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Halloween apps

Six applications have a scary Halloween

The pagan festival par excellence is just around the corner and although according to that corner of the world you are that means more or less, it is undeniable that sinister pumpkins, skulls and murderers clowns have become internationalized. If you cannot beat them, join. If you want to join the celebration without having to go door to door asking for candy, you can enjoy the dark spirit from the screen of your Android device with these applications for Halloween.

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