3 Great Football Fantasy Apps you May Want To Use

There are basically millions of fantasy football fans that exist at the moment. They keep communicating and competing on sites from all around the world. Since you are here, there is a pretty good possibility that you are a player that you are going to surely become better and better as time passes. The big problem with fantasy football is that it is so difficult to choose great players for the teams. There are always some surprise rookies that appear without a warning and the best players in the world might end up flopping in various season leagues, even if they were always perfect till then. It is really important that you are going to use tools that will help you.

We live in a completely mobile world so it is obvious that there are some football fantasy apps that can be utilized in order to make much better choices. Gaining all the knowledge that you need is something that is tough these days. Some apps will be great for you but others will not be so useful. Just be sure that you are going to try different ones and then use the apps that you are more comfortable with. Here are some suggestions.

Footballguys Draft Dominator – $5

The app is marketed as being designed for serious football fans and it is hard to argue with that. The information that you will get is definitely so much more than what you would expect. Access to player updates, game scores, depth charts, cheatsheets, projections, rankings, forums, newsletters and so much more is available. The football app is dynamic with its draft list since updates are very fast, weighing in the seasons on a week by week basis. Draft Dominator will not host a fantasy football league though. You just use it in order to plan for fantasy seasons.


Sportito is a great app and the name of a football fantasy league system where you can actually make money if you are among the best. You join leagues of different difficulties based on the players that participate and the amounts that they are willing to spend. Just make sure that you are going to never go way beyond what you can afford to lose, as always with any betting. While many use the app to manage their teams, you can use it to get information. The app offers so much more than just the regular application in this industry. Try it out to see if the data offered is what you need.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo is actually a pioneer in fantasy football played online. Yahoo offers so many different stats that you are going to always want to take into account. There is an official app that you can download on iOS and Android and will offer access to all the stats you require to create a perfect fantasy football team. This is how good this app is. When referring to news and information about players and teams, it is quite hard to beat Yahoo Fantasy Sports. You can even use it to play other fantasy sports like basketball or hockey.

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