The Advantages of Mobile Gaming in 2019

Mobile gaming dominates more than half of the percentage of online users in 2019. This means, as one can imagine, a huge market for gaming companies and online gaming platforms. Mobile developers have also seen the profit in this and have teamed up with mobile application stores to deliver instant and accessible gaming options to online users. While all these companies and developers are benefiting from one another we take a look at the advantages mobile gaming offers the user.

Online Casino Gaming

One of the first advantages we take a look at is online casino gaming. Here lies a world of possibilities and all have been designed to please the user. Taking a look at we discovered that mobile gaming allows you access to a more select and modernized selection of casino games. All online perks can still be accessed, perks such as sign up bonuses, promotional offers, VIP membership and the like. The greatest aspect of online gambling from your mobile is that you are able to kill time while on the move. You can still make money, have fun and keep up to date with your players account.

Virtual Gaming for Mobile

Virtual gaming has also become a gadget craze and mobile users are reaping the benefits. Virtual reality gaming, or otherwise known as VR gaming, has finally become available to mobile users as they now have specific VR hardware which has been designed for specific phone models. As a mobile user this is a huge breakthrough for the gaming industry, players have the advantage of downloading new VR games before they are even available to console players.

Social Gaming

Socially speaking, mobile gaming is thriving under social platforms. Facebook has especially proven the vast success of social gaming. Players are able to use a platform where all their friends, photos and info are stored. They are able to invite their friends to play and receive incentives for each of those annoying invites. Surprisingly enough, this has actually worked and over 30% of social gamers have admitted to signing up with social gaming apps because of invitations that have been hanging in their inboxes.

Social gaming has brought together likeminded players and has become one of the fastest growing communities of gamers.


Another advantage to mobile gaming is that Bitcoin miners can actually sign up to Bitcoin games which gives players the opportunity to complete blockchain which awards the player with Bitcoin. This gives you access to a whole different gaming environment and with the value of Bitcoin steadily increasing once again, it is a massive advantage for dedicated players with high mobile devices.

The online gaming realm is forever evolving and with it mobile developers and hardware companies are keeping up to date. This is the reason for so many mobile device releases as competitors are releasing higher grade tech at more affordable pricing and mobile app developers are also in league with the trends. So take advantage of it and get in on the advantages of mobile gaming.

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