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Top 11 apps with support for Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that has it all: it’s cheap, small, simple to use and capable of turning normal TV into smart. Even those with a Smart TV can make it even more useful by simply plugging in a Chromecast to an available HDMI port. Of course, Chromecast would not be much more than a wallpaper for the TV if it were not for the applications with which you can send content. Here you will find a selection of eleven applications to do everything, in a big way, on your…

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Tez is Google’s new mobile payments app for India

Google launched Android Pay at the end of 2015 and its deployment is being rather slow. In Spain we welcomed him this summer, although at the moment Android Pay only works with a bank. While Android Pay is already in some regions of Europe, North America and Asia, the company has launched a new mobile payments app, its name is Tez and is currently exclusive to India.

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How Restaurants Are Using Apps and Technology for A Better Dining Experience

The restaurant industry is forever trying to keep up with customer demand.  Whether it’s changing the menu every few months, or redesigning the theme of the dining room restaurant, owners are used to change.  That’s why it is no surprise that many restaurant owners are using technology to make the dining experience better for their customers.  Today, we are going to learn about three different technologies that restaurants are using to lure in customers. Let’s see what these restaurants are doing to make things more…

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Google Android Applications

Google only wants quality apps on Android: This will penalize the bad applications

Of little use to Android or enhance the performance to deliver even faster and fluid applications if you then come to Google Play applications that devour the resources of our device, adversely affecting the image of the operating system. To finally avoid this problem, Google will force developers to improve the quality of their applications. Google does not want bad apps in its Play Store, only wants quality applications and to remove those “weeds” from your store will begin to penalize applications that do not…

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Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories: What are and how Facebook ephemeral stories work?

The ephemeral messaging, that allows us to contact with other people with messages that disappear within a specific deadline, is not something for nothing recent. The best-known mobile application that bets all this way to establish contact without any doubt is Snapchat, but seen its success other important apps have decided to imitate it. First, it was Instagram that decided to take the step of allowing its users to share their experiences through Stories, images and videos accessible for 24 hours, and Facebook, which had…

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Kodi 17.0

Kodi 17.0 already available for Android 5.0 or higher, new interface and more supported audio systems

The popular open source media player Kodi (formerly XBMC) this week received a major update. It has been officially updated to version v17.0 “Krypton” presenting three important new features in its version for Android devices. The first most important novelty of Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” is that now requires Android 5.0 or higher, Previous versions required as minimum version Android 4.2, so these devices can not enjoy the new version.

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Facebook is testing Facebook Stories also in its main application

We are in 2017 and that means one thing: all Facebook application needs to have a function Stories to Snapchat. For now the company Zuckerberg had not hesitated to create a thousand and one separate tests in test applications (Instagram Bolt, Flash …) and communication applications, but so far had not played much the main application of Facebook. Until now … The stories of Facebook, which receive the name foreseeable Facebook Stories are now available as evidence in Ireland as reported by Business Insider, but…

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Telegram is updated in Windows for PC with a new design and support for themes

When we refer to messaging applications is always WhatsApp the application that comes to mind … at least at first. And if you think about it, the app that really interesting new features to this scenario is Telegram. it is rare that it is not the most used application. For the advantages among which especially being multi-platform and have desktop applications so that we can use on our desktops. This way we gain time in our chores and we do not have to leave the…

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Rise of gaming apps in 2016

It is the golden age of the mobile! The smartphone has become the favorite Internet connection device for 9 out of 10 peoples, we use it 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere, and there are many who recognize that theirs with the mobile could almost be called addiction. It is not surprising, therefore, that coupled with this constant increase in the use of the mobile is accompanied by an increase in the use of the apps. Still, it draws attention to the good rate at…

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Galaxy s8

The Galaxy S8 wants to win with assistant and artificial intelligence: Google, Apple, Microsoft go ahead

A month ago Samsung announced the purchase of Viv, the company responsible for a promising voice assistant with its own artificial intelligence engine. Those responsible for that company are former Apple engineers who were in charge of Siri, and the purchase suggested an option that has now been confirmed. That’s right : Samsung has indicated that the future Samsung Galaxy S8 include a voice assistant itself , which is obviously the result of the recent acquisition and highlights the relevance for large technology have both…

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