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Facebook and WhatsApp

What do you do with the data Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook, with each passing moment, is creating more and more controversy, and the decision to make WhatsApp can share our phone number with the social network is only the latest of all the decisions that have been taking since he bought the application instant messaging. If our privacy is something that is fading as the T-1000 in the lava pool (especially with the movements of Google), now Facebook has hit a hammer blow across the head to the rest of our privacy. It is clear…

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Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is updated more customization options and other improvements

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is one of the pitchers unconventional most interesting. Its design focuses more on productivity, with a collection of themed windows instead of the “all-in-one” to which we are accustomed. One for widgets, one for applications, one for work, another for documents… This separation is one of its main attractions, but when it innovates is inevitable that more than one will miss a more similar to other pitchers behavior. Microsoft has listened to its users about it, and the latest update allows you…

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two-step authentication

The two-step authentication is not as safe, and the fault of the SMS

Ah, passwords! Unlivable, but irreplaceable. This security system is the most widely used worldwide for access to all services, and limitations seemed to be relieved with authentication systems in two steps. These systems allow you to add another layer of security by forcing us to complete the process with our mobile, in which we receive a PIN by SMS and then insert it into the corresponding service. The problem is that SMS are vulnerable, so authentication two step should consider otherwise. Google, by the way,…

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spy on conversations

So you can spy on and record conversations through the microphone of your smartphone?

Are they listening to my conversations without me knowing? A few years ago the answer was “probably not”, but the popularity of smartphones that scenario has changed and now the answer is not so clear. How is possible? The answer lies both in the actual construction of our devices and their operating systems and applications installed on them. Eavesdrop on another person is not at all difficult as long as we manage to manipulate these devices and install such an application that It gives access…

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What are the first five applications that we downloaded the brand new mobile?

The aliens of XCOM saga has sent me to do a sociological study of the first thing that happens to me, but as the first thing that occurred to me had nothing to do with Android, because I started thinking (something rare indeed). One of the most obvious things is that almost every day someone launches mobile again. The illusion that makes us when we opened the box containing our smartphone, full of plastic, with their accessories, plastic filled, a terminal that does not know…

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Using Control-F to search for text within actual documents

How many times in real life you wished you could use a keyboard shortcut? For example, after doing something really stupid desired you can press a hypothetical Control + Z to undo the mess, a Control + S to save the process and loaded later or Control + C and Ctrl + V to make repetitive tasks. For the above cases have to still wait, but there is a digital shortcut you can already use in the real world, more or less, Control + F,…

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Smart Manager

What is Smart Manager of Samsung and what is it?

For better or worse, more and more manufacturers integrate into their own facilities optimization tools to Clean Master in a visual representation of “if you cannot beat them, join”. HTC is HTC Boost, and Samsung has Smart Manager. Smart Manager was presented in partnership early in the S6, to win year-end compatibility with S5, S4 and Note 5, Note 4 and Note 3, but since then its support has been extended to models lower end as the series A. no bells or saucer, one day…

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Chrooma Keyboard 3.0

Chrooma Keyboard 3.0: Changes color opens gestures, integrates with Google Now

Chrooma Keyboard is already one of the best keyboards for Android, and it shows with important developments find after major update to version 3.0. The main feature with which Chrooma Keyboard stands above the rest of keyboards remains that adapts to the color of the application and at night changing the tone of its color, but also highlights now also with gestures.

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Allo, the app Google instant messaging integrated with artificial intelligence

Does anyone doubt that Google did not try to compete with WhatsApp sooner or later? Vale already have Hangouts, and although we have no data have active users as queen of this sector, it is likely that the app of the Mountain View not approach the number of users WhatsApp. To cope Google today announced Allo, another instant messaging app but with a twist. Besides all present in other apps, Allo such leave us change the size of messages to send up to create what…

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