Send SMS on Android

Seven applications to send SMS on Android

SMS messages have been with us for 25 years, although they may not have reached their peak popularity. The messaging applications have eaten away much of the ground, becoming for many a service that only receive spam and notifications. Be that as it may, for now SMS are still needed in Android. Since Hangouts stopped including them, the official Google application is Android Messages, but of course it’s not the only and probably not the best one either. Here you will find seven alternatives to send and receive SMS on Android …

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Making A Movie Trailer The Easy Way With Movavi Video Editor

Are you an aspiring movie producer or a student that wants to learn how to create great video content? In both situations one of the most important things to understand is that you have to be sure that you use appropriate video editing tools. Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to shoot great clips. You also need to edit them in a way that improves the video content. Everything starts with learning how to make a movie trailer. Fortunately, there is no shortage…

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Nebula Alarm Clock

Nebula Alarm Clock turns the alarm clock into a game that engages and works

Waking up can become a torment for many people. Getting up early, getting out of bed and starting the day is not an easy task for everyone and if we use our Android to help us, the application of the Clock or the one we use as an alarm ends up paying morning anger. To help us with this, there are apps that invite us to play a little to awaken the mind little by little by posing small riddles or challenges. Researching, the other day I stumbled upon Nebula Alarm Clock and after…

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How to fix a Google SEO penalty

Search engine traffic is critical for almost every online business. Increasing levels of competition mean that securing high search engine ranking positions is difficult, with many marketers and SEO experts treading a fine line with link-building tactics to out-perform their competition. Image Credit As Google has clamped down on disreputable tactics, many websites have been penalised for violating guidelines. Understanding how to recover is crucial to reinstating your most important digital asset. Understanding why a penalty has been incurred If your traffic levels drop suddenly,…

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When they wanted to invent Spotify in 1982, but the Internet was so slow that they dismissed it as impossible!

How would the music industry have been today if music streaming services had been created 35 years ago? Currently we see services such as Spotify or Apple Music not only as a novelty, but as an alternative to combat P2P downloads. For that reason, perhaps everything would have changed if Spotify existed before the MP3. Unfortunately creating it was impossible in 1982, but someone tried to patent it. It was Dieter Seitzer, and today we are going to tell you that story about his 1982…

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Applications To Search For Restaurants

The 5 Best Applications To Search For Restaurants On Android

When we go out to eat out we want to go to the best place that fits our budget and tastes, that is why we always go to places of trust or that have recommended us, but when we have tired of going to the same places, or especially when we are visiting, visiting other cities, we have to find out which are the best restaurants, and here our Android device is a great ally.

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Android apps

There is life beyond Google Play: Android apps that you will not find in the official store and where to download them

The applications are the soul of our mobiles, tools of all kinds with which to become a kind of Swiss Army knife. In Android, when we want to install a new app, we turn to the official Google store, but the Play Store is not the only source to get new apps. There are many very interesting apps that we can not download from the Play Store, usually because they do not comply with Google’s guidelines. But Google Play is not the only showcase of apps, in fact, if…

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Seven apps to send local content to the Chromecast from an Android mobile

The Chromecast is a device that, even after a somewhat unnoticed, is extremely useful for those who want, among other things, watch streaming content on their TV without a Smart TV. Its low price (especially in its beginnings) does not mean any sacrifice to acquire one of these devices. But there are times that this is not enough and you want to get even more out of that small and curious device, and that’s why our favorite store, Google Play. Here’s a list of a few apps that can help you get content…

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Microsoft launches data security technology

Data is one of the most important assets a business owns, and threats to that data can come from inside and outside of the organisation. The cost to a business that suffers a cyber breach are immeasurable. They range from the cost of business interruption to a loss of client confidence; the most serious cases could even see the closure of the business. Image Credit The National Cyber Security Centre provides guidance on how organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace by following 10 useful steps.…

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