What should I test on my landing pages?

A/B is the accepted methodology for testing how your website and marketing campaigns are working. It combines creativity with cold, hard data. The basic concept is that you trial two approaches at the same time and record what works best. It provides scientific proof to an area that used to rely on hunches and gut instinct. Image Credit You can use A/B testing to analyse all of your marketing material, ranging from newsletter titles to the colour of your call-to-action button on your web site.…

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lightweight applications

Seven lightweight applications to do everything without running out of space

It is true that our smartphones have more and more storage capacity, at least in theory, but there are still many people who need to make real virgins to get install and update applications. Our mobiles have more space, but also the applications are getting heavier. Luckily, some developers have decided to get down to work to create very light applications that need very little space on your mobile. Here we have selected seven light applications with which you can do the main functions of…

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How to make your business website more mobile friendly

With more of us using mobile devices to search online, and Google putting mobile friendliness at the heart of its algorithms, choosing to go mobile friendly or not is no longer optional. If you want to achieve website success, going mobile friendly is compulsory. Here’s how to make your website more mobile friendly. Image Credit Responsive design Google encourages websites to adopt responsive design. According to PracticalEcommerce, responsive design promotes an optimal experience for mobile users, but also facilitates enhancements to site design and functionality,…

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Browsers For Android

The Best Browsers For Android

The category of web browsers is one of the most populated with different applications that have similar goals and are distinguished by focusing on functions in particular such as personalization, blocking ads or great performance. This latter quality has made Chrome the most popular web browser. It is very surprising that some web browsers, such as UC Browser, have in a short time surpassed other apps in this category that were doing a great job. Exclusive functions to block ads or put the user’s privacy…

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Bingo Extra: The Fun Therapy

Some fun and entertainment time is essential for all of us as it helps us find ourselves back after working all day long. All of us have our specific ways to rest. While some prefer console games, other might prefer visiting different countries occasionally. But one activity that can help you relax daily is online gaming. Online gaming sets a platform where fun is unlimited and where some extra money can be won as well. At Bingo Extra- the best online bingo site, you can…

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Five apps to share your location in real time

Google Maps has included a few days ago the ability to share the location in real time, so that any contact, friend or family can always know where we are. A very useful function when we have an appointment or a meeting of friends or family. In the heat of this new Google Maps that you have stolen from Google+, we will show you four more applications to share the estimated time of arrival in real time. Maps that, due to the importance that is…

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Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories: What are and how Facebook ephemeral stories work?

The ephemeral messaging, that allows us to contact with other people with messages that disappear within a specific deadline, is not something for nothing recent. The best-known mobile application that bets all this way to establish contact without any doubt is Snapchat, but seen its success other important apps have decided to imitate it. First, it was Instagram that decided to take the step of allowing its users to share their experiences through Stories, images and videos accessible for 24 hours, and Facebook, which had…

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WhatsApp two-step verification is now available for everyone

Everything is for greater security, and we appreciate it: WhatsApp has allowed us to play with the verification in two steps since November last year, but in a beta version that until today has not become a reality for the more than one billion Of users who have the messaging application. When I say “for all” I mean those mobile users who have Android, iOS or Windows Phone as operating systems, so that few people escapes the possibility. Why “two steps”? As the first is…

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Android applications

The Coolest Apps So Far This Year

When you scroll through the App Store or Google Play Store, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps out there that you could download. No matter what category you’re looking through, there is a huge number of apps that you can choose from. So, how could you possibly choose the best apps on the market? Well, you’re going to read this article of course! We’re here to show you some of the coolest apps of the year so far.

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5 Great Apps to Jumpstart Your Social Life in College

College is primarily for educating yourself, but you can bet your life you’ll be miserable if you don’t also have a social life. That said, not everyone is great at meeting new people, and it can be intimidating to try and make new friends when the only common ground you have is that you attend the same school. Here are five fun social apps for you to try out that will help get out there in the best way. 1. Bumble BFF Bumble! It’s not…

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