Rise of gaming apps in 2016

It is the golden age of the mobile! The smartphone has become the favorite Internet connection device for 9 out of 10 peoples, we use it 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere, and there are many who recognize that theirs with the mobile could almost be called addiction. It is not surprising, therefore, that coupled with this constant increase in the use of the mobile is accompanied by an increase in the use of the apps.

Still, it draws attention to the good rate at which apps grew during the last year. Thus, in 2016, the use of apps doubled compared to 2015. In addition, the use of all kinds of apps grew but the most highlighted are gaming apps. The segment of mobile devices grows faster and more acceptable among gamers than fixed consoles. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, the big three in the video game market, could find a new rival. The gaming model for mobile devices has accelerated growth and the potential to reach more public than fixed consoles.

We can remember that the Nokia mobile phones came with very basic pixel games and one of the most popular games in history was their Snake Revolution, and year after year, the mobile phones evolved revolution of technology, while games started to get better with them. In addition, a game like Angry Birds led the mobile gaming platform on the revolution of the smartphone.

Recently, mobile games are earning quite a large share of revenue, even more than gaming consoles or online gaming platforms, which were once giants that dominated the gaming industry in the last decade. But with the huge gaming players for mobile devices, of course, the change are coming, which makes a big difference and distance for players and enthusiasts. A great example of success stories on both Android and iOS is Pokémon Go, which has been raging all over the world now.
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It is projected that mobile game revenue forecast could increase to $45 billion by 2018. And after the end of 2016 and during the year of 2017, ultimately gaming apps market will lead up to a market share of $40 billion.

In this regard, mobile players work successfully received a large part of the market, like most video game consoles and online gambling companies. In fact, this is good news for game developer companies to pay more attention and focus on this growing trend. Android games should also be predictable in the coming years. Although it is still a proven fact that iOS earn more revenue than Google Play does, although the latter has a massive load of the freemium type of games.

With increased competition, smaller companies also are creative with the introduction of electronic sports games and mobile games HTML5, and the latest trend of the growing popularity of downloading games for video games based on Android TV. Competition force companies to produce better and so far top companies in the mobile gaming industry are competing for the release of quality games to dominate ahead and not behind the scenes.

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