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Gmail lets you paste formatted text and images

Google continues to work so that every time you need a computer to work less and can do more with Android applications. We have especially seen in recent months with updates from Google Drive, Docs and Sheets, and now it is his turn to Gmail. Gmail version 6.11 includes only an improvement, but very important: it is now possible to copy and paste text fragments that remain the source format, even including images. So far, if you did this Gmail for Android hit it as…

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How to use search commands to free space Gmail

You probably already know some advanced search operators you can use Gmail to locate certain messages. It is special commands that allow you to filter results to locate a particular message more quickly and accurately. For example, putting from: followed by the name of a contact, you can see all the messages you sent that person. But perhaps you have not stopped to think that these operators can be good for something more than for searches. In fact, in the advanced search section of the Gmail Help and they comment that can be used to create filters. But I found…

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