10 apps to help kids control their emotions

People all over the world can testify to the healthy effects of cognizance on their well-being and mental conditions. For starters, they will be able to have control over the stress levels, their concentration and organization ability will be improved, they will be able to feel empathy and compassion, and will be able to control their emotions.

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All of these are the things, we want our kids to possess, right? And now it has become easier than ever due to our access to a wide range of digital apps and tools. These apps could prove to be the best method to bring forward your child to the world of cognizance, emotional maturity, and tranquillity.

  1. Calm kids

This app, which was designed not only for adults but also for kids, was ranked as one of the top wellness and cognizance apps that was named in 2017-2018 as Apple App of year and Google play Editor’s choice, respectively. It enables kids of all ages to learn and to develop meditation abilities by providing them with activities and exercises related to relaxation, cognizance, and “sleep stories”. These activities are updated weekly.

  1. Headspace for kids

This app was designed for kids of 3 age groups i.e., kids of age 5 and under, 6 to 8 years, and 9 to 12 years. The peculiar animations enable the kids to improve their sleep, wake up, calmness, kindness, and focus, the main 5 motifs around which this app was designed.

  1. Mindful powers

This app consists of series of interlinking stories that are structured specially for grad-schoolers to introduce them to cognizance using “Flibbertigibbet”, a cute sea creature, that helps kids to improve their focus, cognizance, and calmness through breathing activities.

  1. Smiling mind

This app has programs that require parental involvement such as close hugging and is designed for kids of all ages. This app also keeps checks or tracks on kids when they mediate along with sensory activities like music and breathing exercises. It is a free app.

  1. Stop, breathe and think kids

This app is designed in association with activity-based cognizance that enables kids of ages 5-10 years to understand and recognize their mental emotions by exposing them to a wide variety of activities including frog jumps. The kids were complemented by offering stickers as rewards with each activity.

  1. Calm child

This app allows children to enhance their empowerment and engagement by presenting them stories each structured for specific anxiety, fear, and emotions like fear of any bad happening, jealousy, being teased, and anger.

  1. The zones of regulation

This app is designed for socially struggling kids by enabling them to identify different types of emotions using 4 colored zones each showing specific emotion and using different cognitive behavioral approach strategies to help them to recognize in which zone they are present and how to reverse their emotion to right one.

  1. Calm counter

This app is an audio and visual tool designed for autistic kids to serene them when they are angry or anxious.

  1. Dreamy kid

This app is designed for kids struggling with sleeplessness, self-confidence, and anxiety. It provides different strategies to kids to help them to sleep by providing them ambient background sounds. It is a free app with $3.99 for each guided meditation.

  1. Breath, think, do with sesame

This app-enabled younger-grade kids to cope with distressing or frustrating situations, to offer their parents good-bye, to fix block tower, to wait, and to sleep alone using cute monsters by allowing them to learn calm breathing techniques. If that won’t be enough, make sure to check problem solutions topics to always be able to find a solution during difficult situations.