Puzzle Games For Android

The 15 Best Puzzle Games For Android

The puzzle games are the best way to test our intelligence, mental agility and patience. Through the challenges presented by these games it is a challenge to overcome each of their levels where the difficulty grows.

In Google Play we found a lot of very good and very essential puzzle games that every lover of this genre should not miss, and that is why we bring you our compilation with the 13 best puzzle games for Android …

Monument Valley

The beautiful puzzle with impossible architectures offered by Monument Valley is for many the best puzzle game that there is currently to date, all a work of art converted into a video game.

In Monument Valley, we have to guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, discover hidden paths, reveal the optical illusions and avoid the Crow Men. It is an essential game.

Its price is 2.99 dollars and offers 15 levels, which offer us about an hour and a half of play. For 1.79 dollars more, we can unlock 8 more levels of the chapter “Forgotten Shore”, which offers us almost another hour of play.

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Monument Valley 2

Equally essential is the sequel to Monument Valley. His new game presents a new story completely independent to the first delivery, with new characters, new objects and new levels of impossible and magical architectures. Here we have to guide a mother and her daughter to unravel the secrets of Sacred Geometry. The price of Monument Valley 2 is 5.49 dollars.

The Room

Touching perfection we find the award-winning The Room saga, with three installments of this spectacular puzzle game. Another great must for lovers of puzzle games.

The Room will transport you to a unique space in which along its fascinating and mysterious levels, you will have to solve the puzzles of the boxes that you will find in each room. The game is totally immersive and chilling. It is highly recommended to play with headphones.

The Room saga currently has three installments that you will have to play from the first game to follow the story. The first installment of The Room is priced at 0.99 dollars, The Room 2 is priced at 2.49 dollars and The Room 3 is priced at 4.99 dollars. If the first safe delivery catches you, you end up buying the rest of the games.

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Lara Croft GO

Square Enix began with Hitman GO its new puzzle game franchise under the “GO” tag that already has three deliveries, with Lara Croft GO being the best of them all.

Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO and the recent Deus Ex GO offer us three great puzzle games with turn-based gameplay. As if it were a game of chess, in each turn we made a move to move around the stage turned into a board avoiding enemies and traps to end with us.

Although the gameplay is the same in all games, each delivery presents small differences in enemies, movements, attacks and objects to give a touch of fresh air, in addition to presenting settings and stories according to the protagonists. The three games are now on sale with an 80% discount.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of the veterans of the list, the first puzzle games that came and swept on Google Play. Starring the monster Om Nom, we have to cut the strings so you can eat the candy.

This first delivery has 425 levels, which translates into hours and hours of fun suitable for all ages. Cut the Rope is priced at 0.89 dollars but has a free version full of advertising.

After the first Cut the Rope came its sequels of Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope 2 and Cut the Rope: Magic.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is one of the best Disney games for mobile devices, a fun game starring the Swapy alligator to which we have to get the water to his shower by sliding our finger across the ground.

The challenge of the game is that the water collects the different objects that are scattered in each level and avoid the dangers that will make it lose or contaminate the water. We must get a minimum amount of water to overcome the level.

The first Where’s My Water? it is the best delivery, although it is paid (2.29 dollars). Its sequel Where’s My Water? 2 is free-to-play but integrated purchases and time delays spoiled the gaming experience.

World of Goo

World of Goo is a PC classic that came to Android more than five years ago and has stood the test of time well despite having not received updates for more than three years.

Here we will have to create structures using the properties of the balls called Goos. There are Goos sticky, flammable, hard and heavy, light as a balloon and more types. Our mission is to create a stable structure using the properties of the Goos we have in each level to save a minimum amount of these Goos.

The mysterious journey of Layton

The mysterious journey of Layton is carried out by Katrielle, the daughter of the famous professor Layton, who following his father’s footsteps has done his own detective’s office in the middle of the city of London. In your adventure you will have to search for clues and solve mysterious cases as puzzles. The price of the complete game is 17.99 dollars.


Blek is an award-winning, very original puzzle game with a very simple gameplay: draw a line that touches all the colored circles while avoiding the black ones.

Its price is 2.99 dollars and offers 80 levels with infinite solutions, although it will not be easy to give the first with the solution. Based on trial and error we will find the solution.


With a price of 0.99 dollars we find Hook, a minimalist puzzle game that through its 50 levels we have to move the connections of its circuits so that when pressing the buttons a kind of nails can be collected.

Dark Echo

Finally, Dark Echo offers us a very minimalist horror game full of puzzles to which we will have to survive its 80 levels using the visualized sound to guide our path. The sounds bouncing off the obstacles will reveal the world around us. Its price is 1.99 dollars.