3 Reasons Why Professional Web Design and SEO Go Hand In Hand

If you are ready for your first business website, you may be thinking about how best to go about it. In addition, you may also be thinking about optimizing your new website for search engine optimization, or perhaps you already have a site that you are happy with but are simply looking for SEO. In either case, you should look to a professional website designer and SEO company for the job. There are many reasons why these two services complement each other. A professional company that offers both services is a an excellent choice for your website needs. The following are a few reasons this is true.


New Websites have SEO Designed into them

A professional website designer will build your website from scratch with the thought of SEO in mind. This is done in several ways. One thing that your new website will not have is anything that will raise a red flag for a search engine. This is important, because although you want a lot of traffic to your site, you also want to avoid a search engine black listing your site because it is believed to be spam. Too often a website designer will put together a flashy site that has all of the keywords that a search engine is looking for with regard to your company’s product or service. Unfortunately, the way in which the website attracts attention may also alert a search engine that it is a low quality site and not worthy for high search result placement.

3 Reasons Why Professional Web Design and SEO Go Hand In Hand

Knowing which Sites to Link to

When it comes to SEO, because a website design company has a lot of experience in building quality websites, they will also have the ability to quickly spot the sites that you want to avoid linking to. When your website links to what many insiders would consider a bad neighborhood, your website will be penalized for it, so you will not achieve high rankings no matter who is attempting to get your page ranked high in search results. In addition, a professional website designer can create your website with built-in integration with all of the popular social media web pages. Social media has become essential for success in today’s business world.

SEO will be Done Correctly

When your site is optimized correctly, you will have high search result placement for keywords on a consistent basis. Cheap SEO services may be able to get your website listed high, but this is only a flash in the pan. Just as quickly as your site can be seen, it quickly disappears. A professional website designer understands how best to optimize a site for search engines because they do this work routinely when building new sites. The work they do is designed to last longer because it is of higher quality than the work done by part-time SEO services, semi-professional SEO business or the quick-buck artists who are everywhere on the Internet.

Take your time to look for a professional website designer and SEO professional for your new Website. Ducktoes Computer Services is one example of this type of company. In addition to a new website, you can have your current website renovated to match today’s SEO conditions as well as have it integrated with social media.