3 unique ways to promote your interior remodeling business

Home remodeling is a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds and thousands of businesses each in competition with each other to get more work and be their best. Some specialize in exterior remodeling while others have their strengths in interior remodeling. A home may look great on the outside but it is the interior that holds the most importance since people will be living there.

As an interior remodeling business, you’ll be competing against others to attract more clients and have a bigger piece of the figurative pie. A way to do that is by marketing yourself. It’s easier said than done because others would be doing so as well. So how do you ensure that your marketing strategy for your interior remodeling business has that edge? There are several things you can do.

Yard Signs

Depending on where your establishment is, you can put up yard signs outside it to advertise your business and services. These are especially important if you are a small business. These will not only advertise your business but also make it easy for customers and clients to find your office. To make these, you can use PosterMyWall and their yard sign templates. These templates save the time required to make a yard sign from scratch. You can just modify an existing design to your requirements and go from there.

These signs will advertise your business everywhere you put them up. In addition to your establishment, you can put them up at the places where you would be working at the moment. That way, you get some free marketing while you work. Of course, you’ll probably need to get that cleared with your clients since you will be using their space.

The example below shows a yard sign which can be used for promotions. This particular template can be used by a landscaping business to advertise its services to the public. You can take a template like this and modify it to fit your business and then put these up yourself.

Website SEO

If you don’t have a website for your interior remodeling business, then you should have one made. A website is kind of like an interactable business card for your remodeling business on the internet. You can get one made or make one yourself if you have the expertise, for a low cost these days. Once you have one, you must upload content and ensure that it is optimized for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO ensures that your content gets shown in searches. Not only that, it allows you to rank higher in searches, i.e, where you show up on the search pages. The higher the rank, the better. There are multiple ways to optimize your website for search engines such as using keywords in your content that people would be searching for.

You can find these out via special tools or even a simple search engine search. However, tools deliver more accurate results and show which terms are being searched for.

Create A Portfolio

Your clients will be more likely to engage if they have something tangible to see regarding your work, such as a portfolio. If you can showcase your past work then they can have a better understanding of what you can do for their interiors. Take before and after photos of the interiors you work at and choose some of your best works.

Then you will put these up on your website and social media pages. Pinterest and Instagram are best for this purpose. The more appealing you can make these look, the better. Doing so lets your clients see your handiwork. It also lets them know to which extent they can expect their interiors to be remodeled. Of course, each remodeling job would be different from the rest so these pictures will just be a reference point for your clients.

As the markets around the world expand, it becomes much harder to promote your business. There is so much competition that it becomes extremely challenging to stand out and promote your business to the masses. There are several things you can try, however, to give yourself an edge over the rest. However, your overall marketing strategy relies on being consistent with the marketing strategies you pick, and adapting to changing markets. Include the above strategies into your overall marketing plan, and you will be successful.