video editing

5 of the best apps for video editing

Passionate videomakers or do you use your smartphone to film the most important moments of your life? Here is a useful collection with the best Android apps to edit videos. In fact, we have selected some of the best applications for video editing from smartphones and tablets.

Obviously, we are far from desktop counterparts, but to create a video to share on the fly or to make a good impression with friends and relatives they will be more than good.


Let’s start with a relatively easy to use software. Indeed FilmoraGo allows you to create videos in just a few taps . Adding montage of themes, effects and transitions is done with a convenient wizard. At the end you can save the result on the device or share it on social media. FilmoraGo is free, but some features are paid ($ 1.19-1.99).


Another very intuitive software is Magisto; it practically does everything alone. The app is in fact designed for online processing, which means that we will only have to upload the material, photos and videos, to be edited (at least 45 seconds of video are recommended) and then choose the soundtrack that best suits us. The application will take care of the rest. The result? Usually very good even if you lose the taste of editing your videos as you like.


Let’s see a more conventional video editor in terms of approach, but not too complicated to use. WeVideo allows you to edit, cut, add transitions, soundtracks and voiceover. All with a well-designed interface to adapt to smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free, but the optional additional packs go up to $ 36.

Quik by GoPro

Known in the past as Replay, Quick was acquired a few months ago by GoPro. Not for this, you can only use it with videos and photos captured by the popular but expensive action cameras. Features such as easy editing, free songs and pre-packaged styles can also be used from local albums, Google Photos or Facebook. All accessible for free.

Video Trimmer

We conclude our list of apps dedicated to video editing with one of the most basic, but not for this not useful. Video Trimmer allows you to do one thing only, which is to cut videos. It does this with an extremely simple but effective interface. In a few taps, you can choose the video and then proceed to cut. In short, a simple app, without too many frills, but at least it’s free.