iPhone camera apps

5 best iPhone camera apps

Do you like taking photos with your iPhone? As you may have noticed, the camera app is not very powerful especially if you are demanding and would like to take memorable photos enriched with filters, stickers and other graphic effects. Fortunately, many iPhone camera apps come to your aid, which can improve image quality.

You may be wondering why you should download additional tools in addition to the iOS Camera app which is completely free. Quite right? The reason is simple: if you want to improve the photos, you can’t be satisfied but test and try as many applications as possible. You may find that it takes very little to create the desired effect, just what you saw in the Instagram post of your favorite influencer.

Many photo apps for iPhone they allow you to adjust the elements of the shots, just like a professional camera: from white balance, to shutter speed up to ISO. Furthermore, you can set the shutter flat or in time-lapse mode to make suggestive videos. Other tools allow you to select the desired image format, such as RAW or JPG. In short, as you can see, there are many applications for Apple cameras: here are the best.

Room +2

iPhone camera apps

Camera + 2 is available on the App Store at a price of 3.49 dollars. It is one of the most popular photo editing apps for the iPhone. It has been completely renewed to meet the most demanding Apple users. The news is many; for example, it is supported by both iPhone and iPad. This tool is suitable for all types of users: the more experienced can use advanced manual controls, such as shutter speed, white balance, ISO and video controls. If your smartphone has a double lens, you can use the wide-angle or telephoto function.

You can also extract the photo in RAW format to get the image at maximum quality and be able to work at its best during the editing phase. In some iPhone models, it is possible to use the Depth Acquisition function or the Smile mode, which allows you to identify smiles and take the photo automatically. In short, the features of this application are so many and suitable for the different needs of Apple users.


iPhone camera apps

The second proposal is ProCamera, which offers the possibility of taking photos and videos and modifying them obtaining the highest quality. Can this app be downloaded for 8.99? And includes many features for those who love taking pictures on the iPhone . For example, it integrates the HDR (High Dynamic Range) that allows you to focus on moving objects without using a tripod. Furthermore, it has an exposure control that can be managed with a swipe. Contrary to many apps, it allows manual focusing and calibration of white and gray, which allows for more realistic colors in photos with poor natural lighting. These are just some of the features of this application, that is one of the most famous among iPhone fans.


iPhone camera apps

Halide, downloadable on the App Store at 6.99? At first glance allows you to change the exposure by touching the screen. But this is not the only function of the application, there is also the focus that can be automatic or manual, but also the wide-angle display (with double lens). Always with a pinch or touch on the screen you can balance the white or change the ISO to improve the exposure even more. In iPhones with dual lenses, the depth control function shows the object shot in 3D so you can see exactly what the camera is shooting. In the Quick Settings bar, you can access other tools, such as flash adjustment or timer setting, RAW mode and grid line activation.

Obscura 2

iPhone camera apps

Obscura 2 is an app available at a price of 5.42? It is born for iPad but works perfectly also on iPhone. Its interface is simple and intuitive and keeps the large display of the Apple tablet free. On iPhone, it can be used with one hand. It allows you to take pictures in different formats, such as RAW, JPEG and HEIC. Also, you can use portrait mode or the Live Photos function for those who have a dual-lens smartphone.

Another important feature allows you to add Instagram style filters to give a striking look to your images. There are also options to change the timer for self-portraits, set the grid and have a real level to make straight photos.

ProCam 6

iPhone camera apps

The latest app that we present to you is one of the most important editors for iOS. ProCam 6 offers over 60 filters, 19 tools to adjust photo settings and a series of tools to get the snapshot of dreams. Photos can be resized or grouped together in an album. But ProCam 6 can also be used to edit videos, for example you can edit, change the lighting and insert background music.