5 Bikinis to Flaunt Your Body According to Your Body Type

The summer demands you to prepare yourself to hit the beach, and who wouldn’t enjoy going to the beach, right? Especially people living in Australia can’t wait to surf and lay down by the beach to soak in some vitamin D. So, what do you need to prepare yourself for a good summer afternoon at the beach?

A sunscreen, a beach towel, swimwear, some beverages, a surfboard and some lunch, and you are all set to rock. But, each individual’s body type is different, and therefore, you must pay attention to what pattern or design of Australian bikini you are picking so that it can help you flaunt your curves.

So, as you move forwards, you learn more about how to shop for the right bikini according to your lower and upper body shape and size. Even then, you are always free to choose anything and everything you like, but this information might support your decision of buying a good bikini.

How to Pick a Bikini According to Your Body Type?

There are tankinis, one-piece swimwear, monokinis, and many other types of swimwear that you would find in any Australian bikini store. However, if you want to flaunt your body perfectly in swimwear, you need to know which one is meant for your body type. Below is a little detail on how you can pick swimwear after understanding your body type.  

  1. Bikini for Small Bust Size

A small bust person should look for a bikini top that enhances their bust. Instead of going for a bandeau top, you should prefer a triangular top, a halter top and the one with raffles. Besides, an underwired and padded bikini top will help in adding to your regular breast shape and size.

  1. Bikini for Big Bust Size

Someone with a big bust would require more support and coverage. So, you can look for padded and underwired bras that can support your big busts. You should also look for bikini tops that have more strings or wider straps for optimum support.

  1. Bikini for Large Hips

If your hips are wider than the rest of your body, you must look for bikini bottoms with a high cut. Your body shape is called a peach, and therefore, you need to buy a sleek bikini top and a high coverage bikini bottom. You can go for a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit that flattens the rest of your body and flaunts your body structure.

  1. Bikini for Tummy Control

Most women are conscious about their belly and avoid wearing their favourite swimwear. But don’t worry, ladies, you have tummy control swimwear that flattens your stomach and enhances your curves.  You can specifically look for tummy control swimwear online, and you will find endless results for it. So, say goodbye to your old swimwear and get ready to flaunt your curves.

  1. Bikini for Hourglass Shape

An hourglass body type is the one in which your bust size and your hip size are well synchronised with one another. Your waist is generally smaller than your bust and hips, and so, the purpose of hourglass swimwear is to flatten your curves as much as possible. A one-piece bikini or a high waist swimsuit will do the trick for you.

You get a wide range of options when looking for swimwear in Australia. Now that you know which swimwear will look good on your body type, do your research and try on some swimwear before you finalise what to buy.