5 Reasons to Choose VoIP

VoIP is quickly becoming the standard for business telephony, but if your current telephone systems are working fine, it can be really difficult to justify making the transition. Why voip? Check this article.

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It is important to know, however, that IP telephony systems bring a host of benefits – they aren’t just a different technology offering an identical service.

If you are just setting up a business, or your existing business is still relying on a plain old telephone system, here are five reasons you might want to switch to a VoIP system. Keep reading about, hosted voip for business.

Hosted Solutions Mean Lower Costs

VoIP systems offer extremely low costs, but these don’t just come in carriage charges. IP voice termination providers like https://www.idtexpress.com/ can provide completely hosted VoIP solutions, meaning there is no hardware needed to have a fully functioning phone system.

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Keep Your IT Department Happy

A hosted VoIP system means your provider takes care of the technical side of things – you won’t be burdening your IT team with extra responsibilities if something goes wrong. Rather than having hardware to maintain or repair, everything is taken care of remotely by your VoIP provider, leaving your IT team free to keep the rest of your office running smoothly.

You Have Full Access Everywhere

No matter whether you are – at your desk, at home or at a client’s site – you have full access to the same telephony system and the same contacts and the same outgoing and incoming numbers. Instead of relying on forwarded desk phones and unprofessional-looking mobile numbers calling clients, offsite workers maintain full access to the same telephony system as the rest of your business.

VoIP Empowers Remote Workers

Because everyone can have full access everywhere, you can empower your employees to improve their work-life balance and give them the flexibility they want – 72% of workers prioritise work-life balance and flexible working, with 66% of survey respondents stating that they were more productive when working from home.

IP Telephony Is Always Up to Date

With a physical system, what you buy is what you get, regardless of what comes along in the future. Upgrades mean paying for new hardware, and potentially disruptive migrations. With hosted VoIP systems, updates and new features can be automatically pushed to your system, meaning your business gets to take advantage of every improvement immediately as it comes along.