5 Stationery Essentials for Uninterrupted Brainstorming Sessions at Work

You cannot think of office essentials without thinking of office stationery. While technology may have certainly hit the roof and presented many alternatives for illustrating, writing or designing today, nothing can beat the utility and touch of tangible stationery. From being pleasant childhood memories to essential office tools, your stationery journeys along just like you!

Office stationery is not just about different types of pens and post-its. It entails tools that serve the thought, enhances the work and saves time. A simple whiteboard marker or highlighter could save the day at work for most. Hence, your office stationery must always be “situation ready” with some obvious and not-so-obvious tools. Listed below are some must-haves you can begin with:

  1. Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are great companions for your stationery kit at work. They work on many different types of surfaces like ceramics, fabrics, plastic and indeed paper. And heck, they work well! Besides, they are water-resistant and leave permanent or semi-permanent impressions on most surfaces. So whether you have a design and decor firm or are into creating comics or even marketing products, for that matter, having a permanent marker won’t hurt at all.

  1. Highlighters

Sure, highlighters are great nostalgia keepers, but they do more than colouring college notes and journals and gracing the youth fest’s annual charts. While they obviously highlight and make that precise bit of content stand out, they are also helpful attention retention and organisation tools. You can effectively colour code, stress relevant highlighted points, save time, and improve the quality of your content with them.

  1. Fineliners

As the name suggests, fineliners are pens with a super fine nib that can embellish the detailings of your sketch or writing. They usually have a fibre or plastic nib that can help you create sharp, neat layouts, illustrations and write clearly. Available in a range of sizes with water-based or oil-based ink variants, fineliners can come to your rescue almost anytime.

  1. Whiteboard Markers

Do not enter the board or conference room to present without ensuring you are armed with a whiteboard marker! This little thing of beauty is loaded with functionality to make your life easier. Firstly nothing works better than these dry-wipe pens on whiteboards. They can be refilled, are easy to use and work on multiple surfaces too. Additionally, they become irreplaceable in work settings where you’d like to drive home a particular point, give pictorial examples or further illustrate a point during the presentation. Unlike their permanent counterpart, it is best to use these markers for what they are specifically made (which is whiteboards) to ensure long-term, uninterrupted use.

  1. Flipchart Markers

A smudge-proof company for your most demanding days at work, flipchart markers are reliable no matter the situation. While they work best on flip chart papers, you can use them for almost anything. From jotting down reminders or crucial info on sticky notes to making bullet points on paper, you can do all this while being thoroughly relieved that your paper won’t stain from the ink! Besides, you can also write in bigger, bolder fonts to make reading from a distance convenient for all, all thanks to flipchart markers.

With the above stationery essentials in your kit, you can be sure of improved communication, uninterrupted presentations and meetings, clear and well-organised thoughts, and a structured, seamless working style that is beneficial to all.