5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sand-Free Beach Towel

Many beach lovers tend to make the mistake of choosing bath towels instead of beach towels for their trip to the beach. So, it is essential to understand the difference between a bath towel and a sand-free beach towel.

A beach towel makes an essential item of beach equipment to pack when you visit the beach. And, here are some of the factors to consider while you are in the market looking for beach towels:

1.    Material – Cotton or Terry Cloth Mix

The factor that distinguishes a beach towel from a bath towel is its ability to absorb water. Bath towels are great for drying off water from your body after taking a shower. This means they cannot absorb a lot of water.

But beach towels are meant for drying off and sitting on the sand. Therefore, beach towels can absorb more water comparatively. And they are the ideal towels and mats for the beach.

2.    The Best Comfort

Look for comfortable towels; although comfortable towels can be costly, they are worth their prices. Meanwhile, cheap towels become pretty expensive when you need to get rid of them pretty soon to get a new one. Moreover, cheap towels often feel rough and uncomfortable on your back. And when you use these towels to lie on your back and protect against the heat and the hard lounge chairs, they negatively affect your back.

Therefore, velour and cotton beach towels are the best suit for the habitual sunbathers as lying or sitting on them is pretty comfortable.

3.    Texture

Microfiber is the most common fabric that is preferred by beachgoers. But if you are not entirely thrilled with such a texture, you have other available options as well. For example, you have a suede-like fabric that feels soft to the touch and is gentle to the skin.

Waffle weave and other textures are also some of the options you could try for beach towels.

4.    Size

Beach towels are available in several sizes. Meanwhile, the microfiber beach towels, when folded, seem like nothing. Therefore, even if you get the biggest size of them, it still won’t add to the weight of your bag. However, the needs might differ according to the user.

For instance, a kid need not use a big beach towel and can settle with a small or a medium-size towel according to their size and height. Similar is the situation for adults as well. So, the largest towels are great to dry off, but double-sized sand-free mats are excellent for relaxation.

5.    Features

Even beach towels come with different features. And here are some of the main features:

  • Antibacterial:Sand-proof beach towels protect your skin from the environment at the beach. These towels have antibacterial properties to protect your skin against microscopic creatures.
  • Storage Pouch:The storage pouches help distinguish the towel from the rest of the equipment. It makes it easier to find it in a heavily loaded beach bag.
  • Corner Pockets:Some sand-proof towels come with pockets at the corners so that you can fill them with sand to hold them to the sand at the beach.

Almost everyone loves going to the beach, as it can be an excellent leisure time to spend with your friends and family. Meanwhile, it is best to go fully equipped to the beach, so you need not hassle over anything later. Therefore, it means you need to have the best sand-free beach towel in your beach equipment as well. And as much as it can get daunting to select the perfect towel, now you have the information you need to make the correct choice.