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6 out of 10 companies will increase their ad spending on Facebook

Social networks are essential for businesses, and not just to distribute content organically, provide another means of communication to the customer or to present their latest developments, also to use them as an advertising channel more. And indeed, it is an upward channel, where many companies plan to increase investment this year. For more tech news visit http://spottingit.com/

It is one of the conclusions found in a new study published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age, where it is also revealed that 57% of companies are spending and 20% or more of their budgets to digital advertising, a record. In addition, of those, one quarter allocated more than half to online channels.Facebokk Ads

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As if this were not enough, spending on online media does nothing but grow year by year, and today are 82% of marketers who expect to increase investment last year (compared to a miniscule 2% the decrease).

And, as noted earlier, social networks are one of the major beneficiaries of the increase: 62% of respondents will increase their spending on Facebook, 48% on YouTube and 32% on Twitter. Although some people are already thinking about reducing the budget: 9% will lower on Facebook, YouTube 8% and 23% on Twitter, another sign that this network is not going through a good time precisely.

So note from RBC, noting that: “We must clarify that globally, intentions regarding Twitter are mostly positive, with a higher percentage of companies planning to increase the budget against those who want to lower it but together, these results they are clearly negative for Twitter, and perhaps the most negative of the entire report.”

Regarding the emerging platforms are increasingly respondents who join them, and 71% already includes Instagram in their budgets, followed by other social networks and applications like Snapchat (45%), Pinterest (42%), Spotify (34%), Hulu (27%) or Google+ (18%).

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On the other hand, more than half of companies plan to spend more this year on advertising Google (specifically 54%), something that has nothing strange if we consider that according to respondents, ads are Google’s that generate the best ROI. They come behind the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (although this is the only platform on which the perception of ROI declined since the last survey in September 2015).

The overall investment will increase this year thanks to mobile

According to another study recent WARC, global advertising spending will increase 4.4% in 2016 and reach 561,000 million. But also the big winner in the advertising accounts will be mobile, and this is a trend that further exacerbate in the coming years. 2017 mobile and will capture 44% of all advertising network budget, reaching 90,000 million move.

Beyond the mobile stage, videos and other social networks will be graced channels (although in many cases, precisely for mobile use). When you reach 2017, social move and 28.000 million dollars and mobile ads videos, 10,000.

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