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6 Reasons to create an application for business

The figures say that more than 57% of people who surf the Internet every day through mobile devices, which means that a large number of users prefer this modality on computers, especially when it comes to searches or personal transactions.

This means that if you have a website it is essential that it fits the different screens, has a friendly design for different types of devices and also, both the images and the other elements can be optimized so that the loading time of the website is not greater than the average, which causes many users to give up waiting.

If all this you are reading seems to be in another language because you are not completely familiar with the subject of e-commerce, blogs or web pages but you would love to enter that world. When you own an online business, you will have to learn many new terms, but you will also enjoy a multitude of benefits.

Now, Internet sites have been booming since the late 1990s when Internet use began to spread more and more. However, it is not the only thing that is trending in the middle of 2018. Businesses have also realized the importance of applications and that is why more and more companies (from different sectors and industries) are launching their own applications.

An example of this evolution that we can place is that of banks. When these started, you had to go to the agency to do from the initial account opening process to any other that had to do with it or with your money. After that, online banking started to be used and nowadays most of the major banks also have applications to make life easier for their clients.

There are many other companies that have followed this example of private and public banking. For this reason, users increasingly have more and more applications on their phones and their developers make them with greater memory capacity, so that they are capable of supporting the great use we make of it.

If you do not have an application yet, whether you have a traditional business, an e-commerce or a mixture of both, see below the benefits that this can bring to both you and everyone involved with your business.

1) You offer a new communication channel: applications have many functions; among them you can ask your developer to enable a complaints and suggestions mailbox. A comment that comes through the application should definitely be taken into account, since it means that a client is doing it that has downloaded the application on their mobile device and there is a greater chance that they are a loyal and / or frequent client of the brand.

2) New sales channel: among the greatest advantages of the applications, we can highlight its versatility. As mentioned above, it can become a direct communication channel with loyal customers and we also have the opportunity to increase our sales by having a new platform to offer our products.

Not only does it serve to show in the form of a catalog, but since the application is installed on the personal devices of customers, we have the opportunity to send notifications with offers, surveys, relevant information, among other strategies that we can use to improve sales.

3) You show yourself as a brand that evolves with technology: not all brands have applications because perhaps they see it as something very complicated, but the truth is that with the right advice this can become a very powerful marketing tool. All this without counting how good it makes you look before your clients, users and close friends when the application is well developed.

4) Speed: it is easier and faster for a client to access your application from their mobile device than it does to your website; it is simply much more automatic because the application is already downloaded.

5) Brand presence: by having an application it will appear in the application stores where hundreds of thousands of people will be able to see it daily. In addition, if you achieve a useful and innovative application you can also get a lot of publicity from the same users and specialized media.

Apart from visibility, you will also have an advantage in this regard with respect to your competition and you will be within the mobile devices of your clients / users, which will allow you to interact with them in different ways and to know more precise data about them.

6) Customer loyalty: as we have already mentioned, the applications have the peculiarity of being quite versatile, and among its functions is customer loyalty through different methods that you wish to create.

Since the application is on their phones or tablets, they will be much more likely to enter your application to see the new things you have to offer, which will undoubtedly strengthen this relationship if you know how to take advantage of it.

These are just some of the most important benefits that a mobile application would bring you for your business. If you find them attractive and think you need them, what you have to do is take the risk if you are a successful entrepreneur and not look for excuses to stop doing it.

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