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7 Essential Apps For The Android Smartphone

Installing too many apps on a smartphone, especially on a device with an Android operating system, can lower performance, create numerous temporary files that take up valuable storage space and, in the case of apps created by little-known developers, and even drastically reduce the security of our data. Not all apps, however, are the same and there are some that are actually very useful and are found to be fundamental in everyday life. The best apps for Android, in fact, very often are the ones that do the same things as apps already installed, but they do it much better.

On the Google Play Store, there are millions and millions of apps, able to respond to any of our problems or doubts. We do not know how to safely save the e-mail passwords and the various online services we use? There are apps for password managers. Is the home WiFi signal poor and we can’t connect? On the Play Store, there are some apps that allow you to analyze the quality of the WiFi network. Here are some “indispensable” apps to make the most of the Android smartphone’s potential.

Solid Explorer File Manager

A good file manager is always useful on a smartphone: the various apps we install spread files everywhere and it is often difficult to find them. Solid Explorer File Manager helps us find them more easily and has some very useful additional features: it supports compressed and password protected files and, above all, it can also manage files stored in the cloud on DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive.


Password managers are very important applications: they store the security keys we use to protect our online accounts. The app password manager allows you to use long and complicated passwords, without having the fear of forgetting them. LastPass is one of the most effective password managers, already in its free version that also allows us to synchronize our passwords on all our devices.

For smartphones with Android 8.0 Oreo, the LastPass app automatically saves all the credentials of the sites we visit. It is also possible to synchronize the security keys on all the devices where we use LastPass. The application also integrates a password generator that allows you to create very secure security keys.


As the name implies, WiFiAnalizer is an app to analyze the Wi-Fi signal quality of wireless networks. It probably won’t help everyone, but it adds features that no devices offer as standard to the smartphone. If we are dealing with many networks, at home and at work, it can be useful to choose which one is the best.

Manual camera: DSLR Camera Professional

All smartphones have a camera app, but they don’t always offer advanced features that allow you to make the most of the features of the photo sensor. Among the best apps to take pictures is Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Professional, which allows you to set advanced device camera functions. With the increase in available features, however, the complexity also increases: those who chew on photography will be delighted; those who do not understand much could find this app not very useful.


The F-SECURE FREEDOME app is another application for the more experienced: it serves to connect to virtual private networks (VPN). These networks increase the security of the connection and allow you to circumvent some local limits imposed by some websites, which cannot (or do not want to) transmit data to users in certain countries. F-SECURE FREEDOME allows you to navigate in total anonymity and protect us from hacker attacks even if we connect to unsafe networks such as the public ones of shopping centers. The app can be used for free for five days, after which you will need to subscribe.

Battery Widget Reborn 2019

From LastPass to Chronus, here are the seven best applications to install on your Android smartphone to take full advantage of the features

If we want to have total control over the battery of our smartphone and keep it healthy, we must be able to read all the technical parameters. Which is not normally possible on a smartphone. Battery Widget Reborn 2019 allows you to do this: this widget communicates data such as the remaining battery time, its temperature, the charge and discharge statistics and the consumption of the individual apps we use.


Virtually all smartphones have a clock widget on the home screen. Chronus is an evolved widget, which tells us the timetable in different parts of the world and adds information about the weather, our calendar, appointments (with Google Task support) and much more. There are different styles of clock display (both analogue and digital) and even an integrated RSS feed reader so you don’t miss the most important news. Chronus also offers support for Android Wear and also works on the main Android moddate ROMs like CyanogenMod and LineageOS.

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