7 free applications to use Android apps and games on your PC

After several years hearing about the possibility that Android and Chrome OS will converge, this morning we awakened us with the news that Google could be about to take the applications Android operating system in the cloud, would integrate the Play Store directly into Chrome OS.

Although it is still early to know if this new feature will also come to the Chrome browser so that we benefit from it all users, not we can forget that today we still have available alternatives to use Android apps on your PC without need for native support in Chrome.

In the list that we show below we offer seven of them. By focusing only on applications they have been extensions like Arc Welder by the way, free to focus on what we have left out AMIDuOS and YouWave. But calm, because you will see how we will not miss.

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BlueStacks, possibly the most complete option

BlueStacks is not only one of the oldest applications that emulate Android on your PC, but also one of the most complete. That does not mean that all apps work perfectly, but we will not have problems in most of the most important. The Android version used is 4.4.2.

The application remembers a browser, a left panel with functions such as installing APK files, and each application that opens in a new tab. After entering our account Google we will enable the Google Play Store so we can normally lose any game or application. It also has a complement to relay our games using Twitch.

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MEMU, a rival to be reckoned with

Based on Android 4.2.2, MEMU is another alternative that focuses primarily on games, but that does not stop work seamlessly with other applications like Instagram. It is able to change position and display vertically whenever necessary and as BlueStacks includes the option to install apk files directly.

The application has a sidebar with control buttons Android and a few advanced options, and particularly remarkable for allowing us to map your keyboard to simulate touches on the screen, and the keys or knob to simulate tilting the device. By the way, including the Google Play Store so we can download all the applications you want.

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Andy OS, simplicity like flag

Andy OS is another classic that always appear when we talk about Android emulators. Based on version 4.2.2 of Google’s mobile operating system, known for offering a clean, almost – added interface in which we see the same as we would on any Android tablet that we bought us.

They miss some options such as installing applications directly from .apk files, but at least have access to the Play Store to try to compensate. We can give you root access if we need it , and the only negative point is still dragging some performance issues that put a step behind alternatives like BlueStacks.

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Genymotion, emulating different devices

Genymotion works on VirtualBox to help us emulate various Android devices with OS versions ranging from 4.1.1 to 6.0. We can create multiple versions of different virtual devices and launch the ones we agree depending on the applications you want to test.

It does not come with preinstalled Google Play, but at least allows you to install any APK dragging and dropping the file on the application screen. Having the latest version of Android gives you some advantage when running certain applications, but the absence of the application store subtracts integers as an option aimed at inexperienced users.

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Nox, another good option focused on gaming

We abandoned virtual machines to return to emulators with Nox, which is based on Android 4.4.2 to offer another alternative that is also focused on the games. For that includes options to use the keyboard to play or simulate gestures mobile. Come on, you’ll use the Android gyroscope from the keyboard or joystick that you set.

The interface is practically the same as MEMU, with a sidebar with several options to rotate the screen, end the processes or control Android, and one Google Play Store pre – installed so that we can download the applications you want.

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Droid4x, your mobile as a remote control

With a much more modern interface than other options, Droid4X also emulates Android 4.2.2 to offer another alternative. It is dedicated to gamers, so in addition to boast a better performance than the competition allows us to use our keyboard with the mouse to control games.

It may seem at first glance that unless detailed control this application lacks options, but nothing is further from reality. We can click on areas of the desktop to configure the keyboard key to simulate play there, install APKs and download from the Play Store. Another curious detail is that Droid4X offers a mobile app to use your Smartphone as a remote control.

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KO Player, a newcomer pointing ways

And we end up with KO Player a new emulator also dedicated to gamers in which we find the possibility of mapping the keyboard keys, create a shared folder to use the files on your PC or record our games to raise them after the net. All this comes packaged in a faithful Android interface, but with some modification in placing some shortcuts.

And speaking of Android, without reaching the modernity of Genymotion this emulator ensures outperforms their competitors using version 4.4.4. It also comes with the Play Store preinstalled reason that the absence of apk’s is to install a little more bearable.

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