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The 7 most useful applications to implement remote working

Working from home is a good measure of work-life balance. Today, there are different applications and programs that make remote working much easier. Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are some of the best known.

Today, there are different applications and programs that make working remotely much easier. Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom are some of the best known.

Here are the 7 most useful applications for remote working …


Slack is one of the most used applications in any work environment where you work remotely. It allows direct communication with colleagues, and thanks to its system of grouping conversations in chats and groups, a good organization can be maintained.

This tool can be used both on the computer and on the mobile. The moment you get away from the computer you stop appearing as available, perhaps that’s why it’s not a bad idea to have it installed on your phone as well.

Slack offers the possibility of making video calls, although in their free version they can only be individual. There are also emoticons with which you can ask to speak without interrupting your interlocutor.

The paid versions of Slack range from 6 to 12 dollars per month, and offer unlimited storage of messages and group video calls.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a utility similar to that of Slack: keeping in touch with your coworkers.

It does show a small advantage over other tools, and that is that it belongs to the Office package. In this way, it is fully compatible with Microsoft programs: Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.

It also allows organization in chats and audio and video calls. It has a free plan and 3 paid packages, ranging from 4 to 20 dollars per month.


Zoom is a platform for conducting conferences and video calls, focused on a work environment. It offers the options to organize meeting rooms, chats and phone calls.

The free version allows video calls of up to 40 minutes in length. For serious and more business-focused use you will likely need to access one of its paid versions. There are several packages, ranging from 11 dollars a month to 40 a month, depending on needs.

Without a doubt, one of the best applications for working from home.


Asana is an online project management tool. Its main function is to organize the pending work of the day to day, through a panel in which tasks are assigned to each employee.

You can use it together with Slack or any other application that keeps you in direct contact with your colleagues. So you will have 2 covered functions: communication and task organization.

Asana has a free version, focused on small companies that are starting to manage projects. There are paid versions ranging from 11 to 25 dollars per month, with the most important functions of the application. There is also a much more advanced package, but you will have to contact them to negotiate the price.


Trello is similar to Asana, in that its main function is to organize tasks.  This tool allows you to create boards with cards, which in turn can have more cards inside. It is a kind of virtual whiteboard.

You have the possibility to use it on your laptop or mobile phone, and keep both devices in sync at all times.

You can use Trello for free, although there are also packages of 10 dollars per month with which you can expand its functionality.


MessageBird  is one of the  best tools for telecommuting. It is a communication company in the cloud, and they have just launched a new application completely free of charge that facilitates contact between a company and its customers.

The name of this tool is Inbox, and it is used so that the workers of a company and their clients maintain contact directly and easily.

Inbox is installed on all devices, and any employee can access it to work together with customers and other colleagues without leaving home.


Skype is one of the best known video conferencing programs worldwide. It works on mobile phones, computers and other devices like tablets.

In addition to video calls, Skype has a chat in which you can maintain written communication and attach documents.

This tool offers a free version that is especially useful for self-employed workers and small businesses.

You also have the possibility to use its paid version:  Skype for Business, which allows video conferences of up to 250 participants.

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