9 tricks and extensions to take full advantage of Feedly

On July 2, 2013, Google decided to close that for many was their RSS feed reader header: Google Reader. And with it, he created a little chaos on the Internet while some protesters, others tried to understand why that decision and all were looking for an alternative which continue informing our favorites RSS.

Many ended up in Feedly, a feed reader with a visual aspect and shooting “online magazine” that Google Reader, and today, almost three years later, we can say that we have become accustomed to it. But that does not mean we can not improve it with some tricks and additional extensions, such as those we present below.

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Feedly Mini

For me, Feedly Mini is the extent essential for all users Feedly. You place a small floating icon in the lower right of all websites corner, and from there you can access the basic functions of Feedly: add the feed of the web to your collection, tag the article, save it for later, share it on social networks…

Feedly Subscribe Button

If you’re not a big fan of having buttons floating around, another alternative is the extension Feedly Subscribe Button, although not all features of Feedly Mini (only to subscribe to the RSS of the website you’re visiting), it is quite less intrusive An icon next to the Favorite star in the address bar.


If you have a lot to read and little free time, you might like to go straight for the news more likes and more times you have shared. SmartNews is an extension that allows you to do just that, ordering articles from RSS feeds of your Feedly according to the success they’ve had with readers. To activate it, you must use the display mode “single title”.

Multicolumn for Feedly

This extension is useful in laptops, monitors or small. With multicolumn for Feedly, the article content is offered in two columns, eliminating much of the excess white space and making better use of the screen.

Feedly Notifier

Addicted to news? Pending a headline? The extension Feedly Notifier places an icon in the browser toolbar, which can be set to show the number of outstanding items and to display a notification when a particular website published an article. You can also see a list of the latest articles by clicking on the icon.

Feedly Plus

Small changes are powerful! Sometimes just changing details of an application, the user experience is greatly improved. That is what makes the extension Feedly Plus: add small improvements to Feedly (function previous mark as read, number of unread items on the tab, bold category names …) to be generally more comfortable and more practical.

Share on social networks

Settings configuration Feedly are a bit hidden, but include very interesting options with which you can customize the look and behavior of the tool. One of the most useful is the ability to select which tools and social networks want to show as buttons under the title of each item, for example, share it directly on Facebook or send it to Pocket to read it later.

To open the setup menu Feedly, go to the bottom of the left sidebar, click on “More” and then “Preferences”

Keyboard shortcuts Feedly

Did you know that Feedly can also be used with keyboard shortcuts ? With them you can move quickly for items, categories or feeds, and perform actions specific to the tool as “S” to save the list of “Save for later”, or “V” to open the selected item on its website in a new tab.

Own context menu

Finally, a trick that can go unnoticed: if you select a word or text in an article in Feedly, you’ll see a contextual menu from which you search for that word in Feedly or Google, share that fragment on Twitter, or save it to Evernote or OneNote. This option can also be enabled or disabled from settings Feedly.