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Advantages of chatbots for WhatsApp Business

We are living what is known as the conversational era, where instant messaging applications have a fundamental role in customer service. Very recently, customer service was only possible through phone calls and emails. The user had to wait a long time to get a solution to his problem. This has changed in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence. Currently, customer service has improved a lot because it integrates chatbots for WhatsApp Business, which allows continuous dialogue with the consumer.

Why use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is one of the main communication channels between companies and clients because it offers closeness and agility in communication. It is a very intuitive and easy to use application. It is more comfortable than making a phone call or writing an email, for example. Furthermore, it provides accessibility and keeps users free from spam.

Today WhatsApp is the most widely used medium, this is because it is cheaper than SMS and offers more options for formats and characters.

In addition, WhatsApp Business is the preferred medium for millennials. It is more convenient than making a call or writing an email. Millennials keep the information important to them on their mobile phones, all the data they need is there. Thus, making an appointment or making a payment by WhatsApp is easier for them, with the advantage that the conversation will be stored there.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, this process can be automated through the use of chatbots , which store information to respond to customers almost immediately.

What are the benefits of including a chatbot in WhatsApp Business?

As we have already seen, WhatsApp Business is a great ally in communication with customers. But, thanks to chatbots we can automate this process. Chatbots are robots that will respond almost immediately to user questions. It is an option that is gaining much relevance today due to the advantages it offers:

  1. Immediate response: The user will not have to wait to receive a solution to their problem. The chatbot is available every day of the year and at all hours.
  2. Artificial memory: The robot is programmed to store the information with which it will respond to users. Thanks to this they are able to save data and remember everything the user has said before.
  3. Improves the user experience: By obtaining an almost immediate response, the user experience is much better, thus achieving a positive brand image that the user perceives.
  4. Personalized communication: The chatbot uses a technique known as machine learning, through which the robot collects the information that the user grants it and stores it, thus achieving a personalized response. In this way, communication becomes more human.

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