Allo, the app Google instant messaging integrated with artificial intelligence

Does anyone doubt that Google did not try to compete with WhatsApp sooner or later? Vale already have Hangouts, and although we have no data have active users as queen of this sector, it is likely that the app of the Mountain View not approach the number of users WhatsApp. To cope Google today announced Allo, another instant messaging app but with a twist.

Besides all present in other apps, Allo such leave us change the size of messages to send up to create what they call a “shout” we will suggest answers to those photos that do not stop reach us in terms of what is see them or allow us, of course, interact with bots.

Image Source: Google Image

First of all, do not run to the Play Store or the iOS AppStore (which will also be available) because Allo is not yet available, it will be launched this summer. That said; let’s dig into what makes it special to Google bet as complicated as that of instant messaging apps market.

Not a second wasted answering photos

In conversations between two (or more) people offering Allo are some options at least curious. For example, we can slide your finger along the side of the screen to expand the size of the message we send. Perhaps more interesting it will be to suggest answers to photos Allo received on the basis of what you see in them. A time – saving sure that more than one thank you. Also there will be a short – lived incognito and messages, to Snapchat.

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But the novelty is that the new Google Assistant will be integrated into Allo. We may open a direct chat with the wizard or even integrate it into a group with other people to ask questions or interact with other applications. The added advantage is that the assistant can pull the context of the chat to answer us, and we can even play with simple games, like guessing a movie based on some emoji.

That’s how little we have left we see in the Google I / O this year, so that to know the app further and see how well the suggestion response to photos works (certainly a big step for those who do not stop receiving food memes and photos) we have to wait for its release. Visit for more technology news.