Amazing Gadget Must Have’s for Tech Savvy Kids

Our world is beginning to rely on the evolution of technology. We have already evolved into a modern era where we rely on connectivity, smartphones and even solar heating and energy. If our world is moving into modern times and we can see and understand the uses of tech, we should also then be teaching our children the value of technology and how not only evolve with the times but to also appreciate them. Here is our list of 5 of the most amazing gadgets for tech savvy kids.

The Bolt

If you want to expand your child’s mind and allow them to not only use their imaginations but also learn to code in a fun friendly manner, the Bolt is what you need to look at getting for your little boffin. Children interact well with animations which is exactly what the Bolt projects when they program the LED display these animations. Kids are able to code the Bolt, an impressive looking ball, via JavaScript or drawings. There are additional fun features which add even more appeal to the Bolt.

Jiusion’s Handheld Microscope

If your child is a bit of a science boffin or enjoys watching little insects move across his or her path, the Jiusion’s Microscope is the ideal gift that keeps on giving. The compact design of the scope allows one to carry it around and the USB charger allows parents to charge it through a desktop, laptop or anything else with a charging USB port. It magnifies up to 1000x in size, it capture vids and photos, it offers 8 different LED lights and it comes with a plastic stand.

Aurora Drone with Glove

Okay so this cool gadget might just be one of our favourites and we are adults! The KD Interactive Aurora Glove allows you to power and fly a drone with the movements of your hand. It’s almost as if you have spidey powers or are a pretty awesome X-Men character. One of the benefits of using a glove rather than a remote controller is that it teaches your kids hand and eye coordination. Although recommended for ages 8 and up it really is up to your kid to determine whether or not they will be able to fly the drone. Some kids have been known to perfect this at the age of 6!

The drone is for indoor use as it is light and compact and has safety built in features especially for kids. The automatic lift off and landing makes it easier for kids to control and there are even a few tricks such as a flip the drone can accomplish.

Kano Computer Kit

The build your own computer kit has been designed to motivate your child to begin programming at a tender age. The easy to follow guides allows them to programme music and games. Building the computer has been highly stimulating for even the smallest of minds, a must have for your kid!

And while your kids are out playing Einstein, you can use the free time to catch up on Netflix, go online shopping or check out https://casino.netbet.ie/, it’s really a win win situation and all thanks to modern tech!