recover deleted files

What application will help you to recover deleted files from your device?

There are many occasions when we lose important information on our computer or mobile, either due to a virus, accidentally deleting or because it has had to be formatted. However, for these situations, today there is a program that will help to recover deleted files back to a device.

It is now possible to recover deleted files

You can download the full version of Recuva for free, the program developed for file recovery on your devices.

Recuva is an application that has a free and a paid version. It is designed to be used on Windows, Mac and Android, and has a portable version of less weight. As we mentioned before, you can use it to recover all kinds of files, from music, videos, images and documents that you need to have back.

From its official web platform, you can download one of the two versions, the free and the paid version. The first has the basic recovery functions and is the most used by most users. It is easy to use and you can download any file.

On the other hand, the paid version has some extra functions, but the most outstanding thing is that it has support from the brand, something that will help you if you have doubts about its operation or if it is not working optimally, since You will have a professional who will assist you and provide a solution for it.

Similarly, it has a virtual support hard drive, as well as automatic updates and a price of 19.95 dollars.

Downloading the program is quite simple, once you are on the page you must select one of the two versions and wait for the download to finish. Then you must run the program, whether you have installed it on your computer or mobile, and give the option “Yes”.

After a series of easy steps to follow, the program will be installed on your device and the icon will appear on the desktop where you can run it and start recovering the files.

How is it used?

You will be able to easily know how to use the Recuva application. Once you open the application, a wizard will open to help you with the recovery process.

It will ask you several simple questions and the program will take care of the rest, although you can also deactivate this option and directly access the advanced options. It is very useful if you are new to the program or do not have a lot of technology.

In the next section, you must indicate the type of files to recover, from images, music, videos, documents, compressed files, email and others, that is, all the files that can be recovered.

Once you have chosen the file to recover, you must determine where the file was located. There are several options that you can select, whether you do not remember the location of the file, whether it is in a removable memory, in your documents, in the recycle bin or in a specific location.

After this, the program will search to retrieve the file. If you have not found it, you can activate deep scanning, which will take longer, but will do a more exhaustive search with a better chance of getting the file.

At the end of the search you will be able to see all the files that the program has found, you will see its format, a visualization in some cases and the state of the file, which can be unrecoverable or excellent.

Mark the ones you want to recover and specify the location where you want the file to be saved and that’s it, you’ll have it again on your device.

Recuva is a very useful program for those occasions where we have deleted important files, be they university reports, photos of a birthday or videos of presentations for our work.

With Recuva you will have all your files in a short time and without much effort, being able to handle it even if you do not have extensive knowledge of technology.

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