Apps for your children

Apps for your children to eat well

While a diet balanced is the key to good health and although this should be tailored to all stages of our lives and habits; the truth is that carry adequate food is fundamental for the little ones. The reason? It will not only determine its growth in physical terms, but that influence mental development, will influence your mood and lay the groundwork for that, as an adult, is nourished properly.

Unfortunately, it getting home tries certain dishes not always easy, especially if we are unable to create a healthy and positive link. You succeed to successfully we offer you a series of tools that will make the delight of adults and children.

This is my food

With This is my food your kids will learn not only eat well, but also to classify foods, know how to digest, what are the reasons that give them nutritional value are, what kind of diets exist and why, what ingredients are organic and also how gardening itself, the latter option very interesting.

It also gives them the opportunity to develop their own recipes, archive the dishes after developing them, and so on. Simply choose a character so that it can be handled by the different sections. Namely: My dishes, my own garden, My favorite dishes, and so on.

Apps for your children
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Easy Eater

Compatible with iOS, it is an app payment of 0.99 dollar – costs that will help you get your kids to eat “more broccoli, spinach, salad and other fruits and vegetables.” Approaches that achieve the hand of a points system that will allow the small achieve certain objects based on what you eat, the healthier the better. Yes, but it is quite full, they miss some options.

Another curiosity about the enterprise that is behind it, JiveHealth, is that it was developed by Dennis Ai, a student at Northwestern University ex addicted to junk food and video games, who knows firsthand the consequences of lacking good eating habits.


Although anyone can use it, this tool will allow you to plan your weekly menu and save with discount coupons. As its name suggests, the menu proposed to us is based on the Mediterranean diet, characterized by the variety of fruits and vegetables that can automatically add to the shopping list.

One of its greatest virtues is that it has specific approaches for children who are forced to stay in the school canteen, a supplementary scheme to ensure its proper nutrition. In addition, it is possible that other parent has registered the menu of your child, something that will make things easier. It also integrates suggestions and simple recipes, and is compatible with Android and iOS.

Interactive Food Pyramid

While the interface and design of this game left a little to be desired, the truth is that interactive food pyramid is useful for our children to learn important information about each step of it. Just click on the image to the Chef Solus explain to us what each of the food groups.

My Baby Food

Perfect for those who love cooking children, My Baby Food is a tool that will make them more aware of the importance (and your struggle) to eat well. The idea is to learn to prepare simple snacks and dishes for their own babies. The aim is that they grow up healthy and happy because they like what they have prepared. It is including shakes, soups, creamed vegetables, and so on. Ideally, a posterior, the out in your own kitchen with your help.

Hero Baby

The app Hero Baby, meanwhile, is designed for parents and babies, a tool that includes everything from nutritional plans to a schedule of visits to the pediatrician and immunization schedule. Although more generic, it is interesting to know during the early stages of your child’s life and pregnancy. It also includes music, games, basic recommendations and advice, and so on.

Healthy Food Monsters

Also for iOS, Healthy Food Monsters will provide an opportunity to learn about nutrition, diet, healthy and similar to all family members with a touch of fun foods. Free and clean and very visual interface, the application has a simple approach: tender makes us monsters and tells us to eat healthy to be stronger and be in a better mood.

It also integrates bombs to destroy those unhealthy dishes, although it focuses mainly on chips, burgers and junk food in general. One of the highlights by users fault is wine and beer as options listed, although generally useful to establish basic concepts.

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More specifically, we came across Glutenfreelist, a tool developed by the group Soltel designed for people with celiac disease, which could hinder (a priori and the result of ignorance, mainly) that the child wear a diet according to your needs. What makes this tool in particular is to give alternatives to an “unfit” product; something also very useful for catching ideas.

Carb Counting with Lenny

Something similar happens with food Counting with Lenny, an app developed by Medtronic designed for children with diabetes and freely available for both Android and for iOS. Thus, the utility allows smaller be aware of what foods you should avoid and gives them the opportunity to feel more confident and manage the disease in a more healthy way.

Besides a guide to ingredients – customizable depending on your tastes, it has a section of interactive games where you have the option to test your knowledge.


Finally, we could not fail to mention the portal Howcast that, despite be a more generic portal includes a special section with articles on infant feeding. From advice against obesity, specific menus, decalogues tricks up tables of weights and sizes; the range of information is large and varied. It includes specialized posts on vegetarian diet for children (with their advantages and disadvantages) and collects some of the news about the sector.

Some advices

Apart from the mentioned applications, we cannot forget that our children take example of what they observe at home, i.e. our eating habits, the idea of preparing various menus, so not a good idea, especially if ours is full of carbohydrates.

In fact, the ideal would be adaptations your schedule -Keep one , ruled with the goal of creating a family time associated with intake; a situation in which it is preferable to turn off the TV and pay attention to what we start counting, making them participants in the conversation at the table is brewing.

Other tips are to present our dishes so the original, form objects with food (though not you overdo it , you could encourage them to play with them), make them more palatable and bring a touch of creativity. It does not require too much effort and worth. If it is not “taste” nothing new, you can try blindfolding to guess what you put it on the tip of the tongue; a fun and effective game.

Nor should we use food as a reward or a punishment. Banish the “if you’re good we go to McDonald’s” (or similar) and express your disgust against certain recipes. It will be the perfect excuse for him to also reject them. And finally, care-not amounts restoratives them and note their size and duration needs- and meals. These should not be less than 20 minutes and not exceed 40.