Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher is updated more customization options and other improvements

Microsoft Arrow Launcher is one of the pitchers unconventional most interesting. Its design focuses more on productivity, with a collection of themed windows instead of the “all-in-one” to which we are accustomed. One for widgets, one for applications, one for work, another for documents…

This separation is one of its main attractions, but when it innovates is inevitable that more than one will miss a more similar to other pitchers behavior. Microsoft has listened to its users about it, and the latest update allows you to gather in a window applications and widgets and arrange themes you want to.

Arrow Launcher
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More customization

So far, the favorite applications had their own exclusive window. Although you could add there applications you want, the icons are ordered automatically so you could not leave spaces between them. It was not possible to include widgets, which had their own reserved window.

It is now possible to mix, as long as you go to the settings and activate Arrow Launcher Customize my page (not enabled by default). In doing so the windows can now merge and move icons and widgets as you wish.

You’re still limited, yes, to a single window for your favorite applications. Maybe something just for some, but it must be remembered that the dock can slide up to access more favorite applications.

Double tap to lock

Another new feature is an old acquaintance of pitchers: double tap to lock the phone. Nor it is enabled by default because the required permissions, so you should go to Arrow Launcher settings, activate the double tap to lock and secure administrator access to pitcher.

The administrator permission is required so that the pitcher can block mobile, so do not panic. All you have to remember is that when you uninstall Arrow Launcher you may need to disable administrator access before.

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Annotate images

As I mentioned at the beginning, Arrow Launcher focused on productivity, and other evidence of this is the new feature now available annotate images directly into the pitcher. In the window of recent, where the last images you have taken on the phone with a long keypress on one of them can appear edit .

The options that are not extensive and are reduced to drawing with a blue or red line. The idea is not to create a work of art, but circles, arrows or small notes. Remember again: productivity.

Support Live Wallpapers

The Live Wallpapers continue roll, right? Do not? Well, anyway, the fact is that even before this latest update Microsoft Arrow Launcher ignored, wallpapers limited to static images of life. Now the options to dress the bottom of the pitcher go through photos, images of Bing, selected own images or the Live Wallpapers you have installed.

Arrow Launcher was already a pretty interesting pitcher before this update, and it is now a little more. Maybe not for everyone, but it is undeniably an option to keep in mind.