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The best assassin movies on Netflix and Prime Video

Streaming platforms have everything, but many times we don’t see it. Therefore, here we list the best assassin movies on Netflix and Prime Video that you may not have known.

Comedies, dramas, science fiction. There is everything on streaming platforms, but where are the assassin movies on Netflix or Prime? We often get lost among so many recommendations, so it is necessary to do an exhaustive search to find them.

Top and super hit assassin movies

If you are a fan of those stories and looking to understand human evil, this is the time. The following are guaranteed recommendations that will blow your mind tonight and must be seen at least once in your life.

Zodiacassassin movies

One of the best films about assassin movies and one of the greatest works of David Fincher. Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal play two detectives who try to identify Zodiac Killer, failing every moment. The film portrays the despair and obsession that the need to find the individual provoked in their minds, who mocked authority countless times and was never found.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vileassassin movies

Zac Efron does an excellent job playing the fearsome Ted Bundy, the most famous assassin movies in American history. The tape does not portray any of Bundy’s murders, but rather his trial process and how he tried to pretend he was innocent until the end, completely confusing his partner. One of the best assassin movies on Netflix.

Se7enassassin movies

Another great work by David Fincher focuses on a murderer who uses the deadly sins to prove a scary point: that we are all sinners. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman play two detectives who seek to solve the case. But who ends up being part of the killer’s plan.

The invisible guardianassassin movies

This incredible Spanish film is based on a trilogy of novels called the Baztán Trilogy, which follows a homicide inspector in charge of investigating a possible assassin movie who was active in the town where she was born, and from whom she wanted always escape. Mysticism, Spanish traditions, and witchcraft enter this plot that keeps us tense until the end.

Tightropeassassin movies

This Clint Eastwood film is among his lesser-known projects, but it is a cinematic gem. It follows a misogynistic divorced cop charged with investigating the murders of several young women by the same individual. Along the way, he learns to understand the female perspective, respecting it, and offering his hand to find the culprit.

The Witnessassassin movies

A perfect South Korean film that, although not exactly assassin movies, fits perfectly on this list. The story follows an individual who witnesses a murder but says nothing to the police. Soon, another witness is killed by the same person, and he begins to fear for his life, still without testifying against him. It is a thriller that will leave you perplexed and with absolute anxiety.

Natural Born Killersassassin movies

A brutal film that satirizes violence and how it is represented in the media. The story follows a pair of lovers who had traumatic childhoods. And they decide to become mass murderers without caring about anything but themselves.

Solaceassassin movies

Anthony Hopkins stars in this film that, although not as acclaimed as others on this list, is a bit worth it. The actor plays a psychic doctor who works with the FBI to find an assassin movie, but both are too affected by his methods. The play was written as a continuation of Seven, but it turned out as freelance work in the end.

House of 1000 Corpsesassassin movies

This impressive work by Rob Zombie is the most violent film on this list. A group of teenagers is kidnapped and tortured by a psychotic family that only seeks pleasure through murder. In fact, the tape is hardly distributed for all the grotesque, yet it managed to become an unforgettable cult classic.

Ready. Of course, some of these tapes will come off the platforms soon and will be replaced, but in the meantime, let’s take the time to watch these brutal stories and enjoy Netflix or Prime to the fullest.

The Boston Stranglerassassin movies

Richard Fleischer directed up to three titles that could have been perfectly on this list. However, ‘The Boston Strangler’ is no longer only a capital work within psychopathic cinema, but also within the history of the seventh art itself. Fleischer’s magnificent use of the split-screen during its first hour already clarifies that we are facing something very special, but the subsequent interpretive duel between Henry Fonda and Tony Curtis.

In Cold Bloodassassin movies

I have been wondering if it was more appropriate to include this precise adaptation of Truman Capote’s non-fiction novel directed by Richard Brooks or the later biopic of the writer. The crimes that resulted in the death of several members of the Clutter family also had their importance. Despite the prodigious performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I have had to stick with the one at hand, a dry proposal that is not content with being a common thriller that also has a great job from its cast.

Heavenly Creaturesassassin movies

A key assassin film in Peter Jackson’s career, since until then, he was the director of several gore pastimes. It did not suggest that he could offer us an accurate and delicate vision of the crime committed by Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme in 1954 when both they murdered the mother of the second.

Citizen Xassassin movies

My initial idea was not to include any TV Movie, but several were released in theaters in some countries. I have finally opted for this one and not for ‘Manson: Portrait of a murderer’ (‘Helter Skelter’) because here, the denial of the Soviet authorities that one of their own can be a psychopath comes into play. Today its television origin is quite noticeable. But the investigation continues to hook, largely due to its cast of Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland, and Max with Sydow.