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Epic seven anime series for the all-time

Having reviewed the main payment services to watch anime and that is not exclusively linked to Japanese culture, it remains clear that, for now, Netflix has become a paradise for anime fans. And that still has a lot to improve, especially about some classics. That is why it is time to do another review, this time through the best epic seven anime series. Also, ordered by their duration, from least to greatest, to see at a glance which ones are more prone to marathon sessions…

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Best YouTube hallmark movies that must watch

Between ‘ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ‘ and ‘ The Witcher, ‘that is, the new battle between Disney and Netflix, here we continue with the review of the best. December is the month where we look back and select the highlights of the year that ends. After recommending our favorite series, we now go to the youtube hallmark movies.

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Best cross county movies for the all-time

Motorcycles and cinema have always formed a perfect tandem although, in my opinion, little and poorly exploited. When we watch motorcycle movies, it is easy for the gentlemen of the two wheels to be undesirable peasants, with low intelligence and fewer lights than the rear light of a trial motorcycle. It is also bad luck. If we liked the way that we like motorcycles, the range would be endless and we could have a video library full of tits and asses.

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How to clean MacBook screen without damaging it thanks to these tips

Cleaning a Mac screen is not just a matter of whether or not you are a cleaning freak. Whether due to accumulation of dust, fingerprints on the screen, or any other trace derived from the daily use of a Mac, your screen will need cleaning. It is not necessary either that it be done daily, but it does require a certain frequency of cleaning. That is why in this post we will tell you how to clean your Mac screen, what products you should use,…

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How to suggest friends on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network is based on friendship relationships, that is, two people are united if they are friends on Facebook. In this way, one can see what the other publishes, mention themselves in posts or comments, see their profile photos and image albums, etc. Surely on more than one occasion some of our friends on Facebook have also wanted to be friends with other friends of ours within the social network, but we have not found an easy way to recommend one of…

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