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windows 10 taskbar flickering

How to fix windows 10 taskbar flickering?

Taskbar is the feature that is present in all the windows operating system. It is a bar that displays all the running applications on the computer screen. But it seems that Windows 10 taskbar is flickering in my computer. I have tried to solve this problem by updating all the drivers and other software but it didn’t work. Windows 10 Taskbar is flickering, and there are many solutions to this problem. This post provides a few of the most effective solutions to the taskbar flickering…

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How do you get potatoes in minecraft

How do you get potatoes in minecraft?

Potatoes are a very important food source in Minecraft. They are also a very rare and valuable item. To get a potato in minecraft, you need to find a way to mine it out of the ground. You can do this by placing a block of dirt in the ground, and then using a shovel to dig it up. The trick is that if you dig down too deep, the dirt will turn into stone, which makes digging it up even harder. So, how do…

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how to join google classroom in mobile

How to join google classroom in mobile?

Classroom is one of the most famous and used platforms that the network makes available to students and schools for online study. In times like this, distance learning represents a significant reality for many pupils. Therefore, the need arises to equip each child with a tool that is able to support his study, allowing him to participate in lessons and take part in school activities, as if this were carried out in person. In this guide we want to show you how to access Classroom…

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how to use the star walk 2 app

How to use the star walk 2 app

In the steps of the following guide, I will explain how to best use the Star Walk 2 app. The version allows any user to be able to clearly view certain planets during the night, shooting stars, as well as the constellations of the sky. The Star Walk 2 app can be used through your smartphone, which in this case becomes a sort of telescope. The same goes for the iPhone and the tablet. However, it is necessary that all the devices mentioned have a…

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