Benefits Of Using Zinc-based Sunscreen

The Australian beaches can be ruthless on your skin, particularly during summers. Thus, investing in a high-quality sunscreen becomes inevitable. Zinc oxide is a known broad-spectrum sun protectant that has become a popular ingredient for many mineral sunscreens available today.

The key is to choose the best among these wisely. Key Sun Zinke came up with a wide range of such sunscreens for different skin types.

According to the National Sun Protection Survey conducted by the Cancer Council of Australia, 55% of people believe it is safe to use sunscreen daily. They further establish that the positive benefits of Zinc oxide sunscreens outweigh the cons by far.

Let us share some key benefits of such sunscreens to give you a better idea about what makes them so popular.

No Chalky and White Cast

Zinc oxide particles in sunscreens are broken down into fine particles known as nanoparticles. To be precise, it has been reduced from 30 to 200nm. As a result, only a sheer layer appears on the skin. Users can gladly get rid of that chalky white look that is inevitable with a physical sunscreen.

Antimicrobial Properties

When the zinc oxide particles are reduced to the nanometer range, the antimicrobial benefits are maximized. Zinc oxide is known for its antimicrobial properties. The particles can easily interact with the bacterial core; it enters the bacterial cell and prevents their growth and spreading.


Many people have susceptible skin or different skin troubles. As a result, they are unable to use every available sunscreen off the rack. Key Sun Zinke is formulated explicitly from Zinc oxide, which is non-comedogenic. This means they are oil-free and, as a result, does not clog the pores. Thus, troubles with blackhead and skin ailments do not get worse when zinc-oxide based sunscreen is used.

Effective Sun Protection

There are various brands of sunscreen available in the market in Australia. However, can we rely on their effectiveness for sure? However, with zinc-oxide based sunscreen, the effectiveness is proven. Its broad UVA and UVB protection spectrum are tried and tested. As a result, you get better sun protection than other types of sunscreens available today.

Who Benefits Most from Zinc-Based Sunscreens?

Those with oily and acne-prone skin look for a lightweight formulation that does not clog the pore. At the same time, preventing redness and inflammation of the skin from sun damage is also essential. This is where a mineral-based sunscreen is helpful.

Key Sun Zinke is water-resistant and contains zinc oxide, which provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Zinc-based products are the most beneficial for someone looking for heavy-duty sunscreen for a beach day on Australian beaches. You can enjoy a swim even while wearing sunscreen because of its broad-spectrum protection.

How to Choose such Mineral-Based Sunscreens?

Finding a mineral-based sunscreen from a brand that is compatible with your skin type is easy when you follow the tips shared below:

  • Consider the brand reputation while you choose the specific product.
  • Check the ingredients list and whether the sunscreen contains nanoparticle Zinc oxide.
  • Take your skin concerns into consideration while making a choice.

Final Words

A broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen based on zinc oxide is an ideal choice to sustain the heat of Australian summers. The high protection, along with other benefits, make zinc oxide sunscreens the perfect choice.