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The best apps to call for free

It never hurts to save some coins, so in this article we are going to offer you a list of the best applications to call for free. Some you will know because they are known worldwide, but others are more unknown, so do not miss the article!


WhatsApp has long been not just a messaging application. From March 2015 through this application, you can make phone call for free and since October 2016 even video calls. So if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network you no longer have an excuse to save a little on calls since surely 99% of your contacts have WhatsApp.


Having hundreds of millions of downloads is not easy, so not putting this application on the list was almost a sin. Line has the ability to offer instant messaging and free calls anytime, anywhere as long as you have, of course, internet connection. The interface is different from what we are used to in WhatsApp, Telegram and others, which is appreciated.

The overall quality of the call is quite good, although you will depend on your connection, you will not “hear yourself” a second later when talking to someone, something that is really annoying. Line works very well in general.


Little can be said of the application par excellence to make audio or video call for free. Used by people around the world, and with more than 1000 million downloads, it is one of the best applications that currently exist for this purpose. While it is true that you spend more data than with other programs when you are writing and receiving messages, your call quality is beyond doubt, just as intuitive as it is. It has a well-known version for PC, so you can call phones and also computers or tablets.

Google Duo

Those of Moutain View created Google Duo in their eagerness to compete in messaging apps. Duo has a very different interface, and compared to the spoiled Hangouts, Duo is tremendously simple. To register we need to enter a WhatsApp-style phone number.

The truth is that it offers a quality of the best you’ll find on this list. Clear sound, quality video and no cuts. The only downside is that it does not have many users and surely, few of your contacts have it.


This free application is also one of the most downloaded. More than 500 million guarantee it, and in addition, it is a Spanish application that has an average rating in Google Play Store of 4.4 out of 5. With Viber you can communicate with family and friends at no cost, since once installed, it is synchronized with your phone contacts and you will automatically know who uses the application, so you can use it with them.

It works perfectly and your voice quality in calls is beyond any doubt. Obviously, the quality will be bad if your internet connection is bad, but it is not a problem of the program. You can also share photos with this app and write messages like any other instant messaging program.


Another of the many applications with which you can send messages and make both calls and video calls through your smartphone. This application is available in more than 200 countries and overcomes the barrier of 100 million users and there are versions in many languages.

It has real-time filters for video calls, something that no other offers, as well as its own image editor. However, a disadvantage is that you cannot block users, so if someone bothers you, you cannot do as in others, block, so that no more messages from you arrive. Honestly, it is the first application I tried this style from Skype and I really like, pure quality that Tango offers.

What do you think of these more or less known apps? What application do you use to call for free?