Best Apps For Office Workers To Increase Productivity

Office workers are forever looking for apps to be able to increase their productivity or even just to ease their ways of working to allow them to use their time more effectivity and ultimately getting their job done in a more effective way. Because of this, the rise of productivity apps and clouds have been fantastic, and one that many of us are taking advantage of – below we discuss out favourite productivity apps.

[Image: New York Engineers]

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Of course, the market leader when it comes to any productivity app has always been that of Microsoft 365. It’s quite easily the best productivity suite, with them creating a displaying an app for virtually every type of work that you can think of. The majority of workplaces are usually on board with 365 and therefore will offer you Outlook for your e-mails, Word for any document required, Excel for all your spreadsheets and Teams to ensure you stay connected with your fellow colleagues and clients. If you and your workplace don’t have Microsoft 365 yet, it’s maybe some that you should mention to your boss.

Trello is the next app that we have been finding lots of benefits from as it is the perfect organisation app for lists and your everyday office life. It’s a very sleek design in which you can manage your day, organising your meetings and even sharing everything from to-do lists and/or project management tasks to share with fellow Trello users. The user interface is the best thing we like about this app as it is so easy to use with the drag and drop features and is the ultimate time saver when it comes to working an office life.

And finally, LastPass is another app that we have been using to keep on top of all your password management. Using the same password for every app is something of the past now, with the amount of security that you have with all of your password, especially with number of hackers online now. LastPast is the best of out the password management systems. It can quickly generate a password for all your apps that you are signing up for and also store them for you and be able to use when you open that certain app.