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Best apps to stay informed

In this fast-paced world, it is very easy to miss out on important things. On the other hand, one may get overwhelmed with all the information out there. While technological innovations mean that we can always stay in the know with apps, the large number of choices available may be overwhelming for users. However, getting information from various sources can be easy with a news aggregator app. This is a news app that collects articles from various sources based on your interests. This means you get access to a large pool of news from different outlets. What is great about these news aggregators is that they are customisable, allowing users to choose their interests such as politics, tech, science, and entertainment, among many others. While most of these apps are free to download, you may also want to consider premium or paid versions that provide additional features. Here are some options to consider.

Free news app

When considering how to get all your news updates in one place, one of the best choices to consider is Google News. This app is great especially if you are accustomed to using the “News” section available on Google Search on a desktop. Flipboard is also another app that gathers news based on your chosen topics. You can customize what you want to view based on events, places, or categories. For example, if you love betting and gambling, then it can bring you news and popular sites associated with gambling such as The SmartNews app uses machine learning to gather news from various outlets. It even has a section for live coverage. News360 is a news aggregator that keeps track of your interests and gives updates on the news you may be interested in. It even gives users the option to manually select topics they are interested in, with the app providing more than a million topics to choose from. Murdoch Corp recently launched a new application known as Knewz. It aggregates news on its app based on machine learning and user interests. If you are interested in localized news based on your location, the News Break app is the app to go for. While Yahoo seems to have lost its edge to other search engines, the Yahoo News app is still a strong contender when it comes to providing news updates from a variety of sources. It is also a great app for live events and breaking news updates.

Paid versions

While you will be able to get the latest news from free news aggregators, you may not be able to access some articles since they may require a subscription. However, there are paid apps that allow you to have access to these types of articles, but at a subscription. One such app is Apple News. It allows users to browse and access current affairs and even set up notifications. Apple News even allows users to access publications that have paywalls and listen to articles as they are narrated as audio stories. The Week is also another app that offers users a chance to pay a subscription to access articles that may require a subscription.