Best Sports Apps

The Best Sports Apps Available for iOS

One of the great things about owning a smartphone is being able to endlessly indulge our passions. We have internet access wherever we go and access to an extensive library of best sports apps, which range from the informational to the social. It is now easy to connect with thousands, maybe even millions, of like-minded individuals who share our interests and our favorite pastimes. For sports fans, one of the biggest appeals of our fandom is the sense of community and kinship we feel with adherents of the same sports and fans of the same team.

There is now a whole range of best sports apps designed for people just like us. In this article, we take a look at some of the best ones available.

Here are some best sports apps


Best Sports AppsWhen it launched, this app was known as ‘SportsCenter’, but it has always been the official app of the ESPN. It offers users the latest sporting news and information from around the world, wherever they are. It provides real-time updates on the latest scores for a range of sports and can send push notifications to keep users up to date with the latest breaking news.

Additionally, it offers the latest analysis from ESPN’s roster of professional commentators and can be customized to provide information from particular sports and teams.


Best Sports AppsThe ESPN app gives users an excellent and up to date run-down of all the goings on in the sports world, but as useful as that is, it isn’t the same as actually watching events unfold for yourself. That’s where the WatchESPN app comes in. In order to enjoy its broadcasts, you will need to be subscribed to an appropriate service. You can then enjoy both live video and previous episodes from across ESPN’s many channels.

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CBS Sports

Best Sports Apps for iOSIf you want to get your hands on the latest stats, analysis, and news for a range of different sports while on the go, then CBS Sports is the app for you. It is similar in offerings to the ESPN app, except it also allows users to view a number of live streams for various events and sports. Users can also listen to CBS Radio through the app, as well as watch highlights and catch up with the latest expert analysis of their favorite sports

Imagine Sports

Best Sports Apps for iOSThis online app is a little different to the others on this list but is worth a mention. Rather than downloading the Imagine Sports app through the app store, it is instead accessed through your smartphone or laptop’s web browser. For fans of baseball and fantasy sports, the Imagine Sports baseball app is among the best.


Best Sports Apps for iOSThere are few apps which can compete with theScore when it comes to offering up to date statistics and updates. The app is also amongst the best for reporting breaking news, but unlike other apps, it also offers an event calendar, which will alert users about upcoming games, as well as offering the ability to review statistics from past matches. Compared to other apps, the game reports available through theScore are more detailed than most and users can follow specific teams or players to receive up to the minute updates of any relevant news and developments.

These are just a small selection of the many best sports apps which are available for iOS. Smartphones provide access to all of the best resources for sports fans who really take their passion seriously.