Best Up and Coming Apps for Business

In this age of technological development and innovation, it can be hard to keep track of the seemingly endless stream of apps being introduced to the world. Many of these apps have been designed to aid businesses, with the main intention of making daily operations easier/more efficient. Here are some of the top apps to date.


When you have a business, one of the factors that you always have to consider is your supplier performance. Your suppliers delivering on time is crucial to you delivering on time, in-turn, to your clients. Using a supplier performance management software like GatekeeperHQ can greatly help your cause. With a full visual, you can easily identify any weak points leading to better decision making.


This app aims to revolutionise the world of video conferencing, offering the user multiple controls to enhance the audio-visual experience of all those involved. The host is given meeting controls to ensure everything goes smoothly and that the quality of the meeting is as good as it can be.

You can choose between setting up a scheduled event or a permanent event, and include an agenda if you wish. After this you can invite the people who you wish to attend the video meeting as well as any presenters which you wish to include. This app is therefore bound to make meetings more efficient and engaging.

Trading Apps

Many online brokers like ETX have managed to bring the world of online trading to our mobile devices. This means that global markets can be accessed wherever and whenever suits you. This is incredibly useful for those in the trading business, as it means they no longer have to be confined to a computer all day.

Now traders worldwide can make use of dead time on the train or bus by managing their investment portfolios from their mobile device. This is a truly useful tool given that global markets are always shifting, and the roll out of HTML5 has given rise to a superior trading experience with the app.


One final innovative app to keep an eye on is Hootsuite, which is aimed at SMEs. It aids them with all their basic social media management and analytics tasks, offering reports, visual streams and metrics for all the main social networks.

Given the importance of social media in today’s business world, this is an incredibly useful tool for gaining an insight into your business’s impact on the social media sphere. The app also includes a 30 day free trial so you can ascertain whether it will be useful to you.

These are just some of the countless apps out there which are currently transforming businesses and business operations worldwide. With so much technological innovation happening, and the rate of progression only set to increase, who knows what is around the corner for game changing business apps.