Blog Compass: This is the new app to manage WordPress or Blogger that Google is testing in India

Does anyone remember Blogger? Yes, it is Google’s platform to create your own blog. A tool that has been totally outdated and relegated to oblivion. However, social networks continue to have a lot of pull and it is strange that a company like Google so focused on information does not have a clear strategy in this sector. Today they present novelties, but as you can anticipate, it is not a revolution either. From India we present Blog Compass, a new Google application where we can manage and find recommendations for our Blogger or WordPress site.

It is not the first time we see how Google presents a very specialized app. In the case of Blog Compass we have an open beta but limited geographically to India and available only in English and Hindi. Let’s see how this application is and if it could be the origin of something bigger.

Blog Compass

From Blog Compass we have the gateway to a feed with information about who visits our blog, repeat readers and monitor the most important searches. It is also an application that will give us suggestions on possible topics that might fit on our site.

Google wants to organize the information of all the thousands of blogs that there are by the network and it seems that its initiative passes through another bulletin board with data that will hardly change the perspective that the rest of users have. Fortunately, Blog Compass is not only compatible with Blogger and it is also compatible with sites, not blogs hosted on our own servers.

The application also allows access to data from Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze traffic data and user profiles that visit us.

Blog Compass

Probably the most interesting section is that Blog Compass analyzes your blog and recommends the Google Trends topics that fit the most. According to the data of the own Google, they have detected that through these suggestions the different bloggers published more often.

At the moment the application is available for free in India but Google has announced that it will expand the availability over the next few months to include additional platforms (Tumblr?), more countries and languages.

Blog Compass by Google

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Download it on: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity