Buy keyword downloads for Android applications in search.

If you want to bring your app marketing strategy to a new level, consider the idea to buy keyword downloads on android. By ordering incentive installs, you can improve the visibility of your app and consequently make it proficient. Let’s find out how!

To start from scratch, your app is displayed in search results of Google Play by specific search inputs, namely keywords. Thus, you can buy installs by these particular phrases for your app to enhance its position in the search results. There are two ways for you at the starting point: you can run either a test campaign or a solid promotion. However, it’s recommended to set up a screening to get the idea of how many installs your app will need to get to the top. As keywords can be the short-tail and long-tail i.e. highly competitive and less competitive, you should pick them up carefully, taking into account the features of your app. For starters, it’s better to use long-tail keywords for promotion with less than 4 difficulty score.

Order approx. 10-15 installs for a couple of phrases with the campaign’s duration of about 3-4 days. In this way, you’ll be able to check the dynamic of growth, the reaction of Google Play, and the number of ordered installs. To track your progress, it’s advisable to analyze the data in the developer’s console as it depicts the most consistent and up-to-date info.

The ones who don’t want to waste time on a test can launch the first campaign right away. You’ll need the most relevant keywords with a score of about 5-6. The maximum length of the promotion is 14 days therefore, you should order 10 installs per keyword at first and add 10 installs every second day. We hope that it was helpful for you to get the picture of keywords promotion. Buy keyword downloads Android apps need. Push your app in search with!

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