Car Companies Using Apps to Enhance Owner Experience

In an age of smartphones, apps have become an enormous part of our day to day life. It is difficult to remember a time where apps were not around, and this is because they assist in so many different ways from the morning through to bedtime. One industry where they have recently started to appear heavily is the auto industry with the majority of manufacturers now using mobile apps to boost performance and experience for owners.

Auto Apps

Auto companies can use apps in many different ways and to appeal to a handful of consumer markets. These apps can help with controlling various functions of the vehicle, customise a car that you plan to buy, checking diagnostics, stream music through your car stereo or even play games. This is key in a time in the auto industry where technology is playing a pivotal role and is now one of the first aspects that a consumer will look at when in the market for a new car. Technologically advanced cars utilising apps can be found in the used car market too.


As an example, Audi is a company that has fully embraced the app revolution. They offer a wide range of apps to customers that can greatly enhance owner experience. A few examples include a mileage tracker where you can log, manage and share journeys, apps for Audi news and events and an augmented reality app to bring Audi ads and marketing materials to life. There is also an app for creating your ideal Audi to purchase.


Volkswagen is another brand to capitalise on the effectiveness of apps. Their main app allows you to set your favourite retailer, get service reminders, store the car’s details and much more, essentially providing you with an easy place to manage your automobile. They also offer apps for connecting your car and smartphone and another app for viewing information like how often you refuel, how efficient your driving style is and where the car is parked.

These are just two popular car companies that are utilising apps, but there are many more. Apps are helping consumer markets by providing greater connectivity with their automobile, by generating helpful information on the car and by allowing the user to control various functions from their smartphone. This is a trend that only looks set to continue as modern day automobiles become more advanced and rely even more on technology for both performance and user experience.