Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather, the fun and crazy application of time that triumphs on iOS is already on Android

One of the applications of the week. We talked about Carrot Weather, a hilarious and fun application of the time that came last month to Google Play in beta and finally is available in a stable way to install it on our devices.

Carrot Weather is a weather application like many others, with a simple design and the necessary information. It stands out for offering quite accurate information, divided by schedules and with details about the weather, but it is not these aspects that make it so curious.

Carrot Weather

“It’s summer, let’s all die of heat.”

An “artificial intelligence” will greet us every time we start the application. Carrot Weather will show us a phrase related to time but also fun.

A line of dialogue that we can configure depending on whether we want the AI ​​to be more friendly or have a blacker mood. In fact, from the settings of the application we can choose if we want to be more conservative, center or with sympathy with communism.

Carrot Weather

Few applications of time can boast of having personality and Carrot is one of them. We have at our disposal a customizable widget, an integrated game to discover secret locations and more than 6,000 different welcome phrases.

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It is not an artificial intelligence as such but a large database, but the possibilities are enormous and the result very funny. Of course, entirely in English so that users who do not master that language will not be able to enjoy it.

Carrot Weather

One of the functions that has already been activated in this stable version is that of Premium Club. The application for iOS had a cost of $4.49 initial plus a subscription of $0.49 per month. In Android the app is free of charge, but the subscription will cost us 0.99 dollars per month or 3.89 dollars per year.

This subscription removes the ads, activates a time travel function to know how the time was at each moment of the past 70 years and adds the widget. A small cost to cover the development of an application of the most original time.