Cast to TV without Chromecast

Cast to TV without Chromecast

Streaming platforms are currently enjoying phenomenal success on PC and mobile. In order to take full advantage of the content, users often seek to broadcast these video streams to their television sets. This operation is quite easy on a Smart TV. On the other hand, it requires some additional actions on the unconnected models.

How to cast on a connected TV?Cast to TV without Chromecast

A connected TV is defined by its ability to access the network. It also has an integrated operating system. Thus, you can install applications containing your favorite programs and movies directly on the device. This is the easiest way to stream content on your TV.

If you are more of a mobile or PC user, you can still broadcast these feeds on an ad hoc basis on your TV. It will suffice to cast the videos from the broadcasting device. To do this, you need to connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV. Then launch the relevant application, press the Cast button and select the name of the target device.

This technique works on TVs and Google Cast compatible platforms. A prior pairing is sometimes necessary on certain models. If the two devices are incompatible, use mirroring software like LetsView or ApowerMirror to pair the screens.


How to cast on an unconnected TV?Cast to TV without Chromecast

Chromecast is commonly used to cast to an unconnected TV. There are, however, different alternatives to Google’s media gateway. To stay in the same register, you can in particular turn to Amazon and its Fire Stick. This HDMI key comes with remote control and the Alexa voice assistant.

You will also have no problem casting on TV with internet boxes equipped with an operating system. All you have to do is install a mirroring application on the decoder and your broadcasting device. You will then need to pair the two devices over Wi-Fi. Finally, launch your video and hit the mirroring button.

In addition, many boxes are now compatible with Google Cast. In this case, you will not have to resort to mirroring. You can cast on your TV by selecting the decoder in the list of devices connected to Wi-Fi. You will see this choice appear automatically after clicking on the Cast button in the Chrome browser.