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Blow moulding vs injection moulding – what’s the difference?

These two methods of making plastic parts are widely used and both are cost effective. But it’s helpful when deciding which is suitable for a specific application to have an overview of the differences between them. So, here’s a quick guide that should help. Image Credit Blow moulding and its advantages Blow moulding is somewhat similar to glass blowing. It produces an object that is hollow and formed in one piece. The process can produce high volumes of items that are very uniform, such as…

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Ways to Welcome Guests at the Entrance of Your Business

Greeting guests at the entrance of your business is important. While the front desk employee might be initially the only one interacting with visitors, the entire staff must commit to ensuring your visitors have pleasant experiences. Below are some ideas for greeting your visitors. Image credit The first thing your guests see when they enter your business is a welcoming smile. It gives them the impression that you have thought about them. They will be more likely to do business with your business if you…

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Ways you can protect your business products.

Product businesses will often have a store where they sell their items as well as somewhere that they store them. With the creation of more and more online businesses, there is often more of a need for storage warehouses than there is for physical premises. A common issue for both physical and online stores is the need to protect their products from theft. There are a number of ways that you can do this, and here are a few of them for you to look…

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