Three Things to Organise When Moving Abroad

Moving to another country is a real adventure and it can be a really exciting time. However, there are also lots of things to organise when you move and doing all of the organisation as soon as possible will help to reduce the stress of the move, so that you can just enjoy it and get excited for the new start.

When it comes to moving, it helps to break it down into sections to deal with one at a time. Here are three things that you will have to plan and organise before you relocate to another country…

Moving Yourself – When you move abroad, it is important that you have all the relevant paperwork sorted out that will enable you to legally live in the country that you are moving to. If you are moving through work or for a job, they may well help you to do this and even might be able to do some of it for you, but even if this is the case it is worth checking for yourself to make sure that nothing has been missed. After all, the last thing you want is to arrive and find that you are not able to live there!

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Moving Furniture – You might want to take a lot of your own possessions and your furniture with you to your new home, especially if the move is going to be long term or permanent. Of course, this is not all going to fit into the luggage compartment on the plane! You will need to contact companies that arrange to send large cargo like this by boat – your belongings will then be placed into a shipping container which will be secured with a security seal, and then will go by sea to your new country of residence. Remember to have transport arranged for it to go to your new home once it gets to the other side.

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Moving Pets – Of course our pets are a part of the family and you are likely to want to take them on your adventure with you. Before you do this, you should check the rules of bringing animals into the country that you are moving to. Your pet might need to have certain vaccinations to be allowed in and may have to be quarantined.