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Why people are afraid of public speaking

If you were to ask a random person to stand on a stage and deliver a speech, they would probably run in the opposite direction. Public speaking is not something that comes naturally to most people, and when working in roles that require you to speak to a large audience, such as working as a trainer, teacher or consultant, it is crucial that you feel comfortable. Train The Trainer Courses like the ones from can help give those in speaking roles the confidence they…

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Why we love stories with mad scientists

One of the most popular tropes in the horror and science fiction genre is that of the mad scientists. The stories generally follow the same type of setting. A young couple has car/carriage/train trouble and is forced to seek the help of the people living in a spooky castle or stately home. Whilst they seem to be welcomed at first, it soon turns out they will become unwitting and, or unwilling participants in some mad scientist schemes. How will the daring couple undue the scientist’s…

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How To Tell If Your Lasik Flap Has Moved

Just as we’re told our eyelids don’t move, they don’t actually. However, many people experience a quick blink of their ocular muscles after having had lasik surgery – and it can be difficult for a patient to tell if their flap has moved or not. This blog article will explain when your flap should have moved and how to tell if it did indeed, so you can get that issue checked out sooner rather than later!

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Essential Kit For a Plumber’s Toolbox

An essential kit for a plumber’s toolbox includes an assortment of hand tools and specialised equipment. Plumbing tools include wrenches, pliers, and spanners. Some plumbers use adjustable pliers for a wide range of fitting sizes. Some pliers come with slip guards and hardened teeth. Some plumbers also use a sewer camera to detect clogs and pipe damage.

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Dublin, the beautiful and historic capital of the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland, and is full of culture, history, and beauty, being set on the east coast right at the mouth of the majestic river Liffey it is in a fantastic position for any visitor who enjoys boating, fishing, or walking. As well as the river there are both the Grand Canal and Royal Canal to explore and so boats of all shapes and sizes can access the city easily.  With its historical Dublin Castle, St Patrick’s Cathedral, and…

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Why you need to maintain the trees around your home

It is lovely to have trees and shrubs in your garden as they not only provide some great shade in the warm summer sun but they also provide homes for numerous animals, including birds, squirrels and even lots of tiny insects. It is important that when you plant trees in your garden that you think about how you are going to maintain them and how big they are going to grow. Make sure that you plant them far enough away from your property, so they…

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How Do Reverse Phone Lookup Apps Work?

Technology has really changed the way we do things. It has made our lives easier in so many ways. One of the ways it has done this is by making information more accessible. There was a time when you had to go to look up phone books to find someone’s number. Now, you can just do a simple search on your computer or phone and find almost anything you need. What Are Reverse Phone Lookup Apps? Reverse phone lookup apps are one of the many…

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is 64gb enough for iphone

Is 64gb enough for iphone?

With iOS 13, Apple announced that iPhone users will soon be able to store up to 256 GB of data on their phones. While this is a huge upgrade, it may be too much for some users. In this post, we’ll discuss what’s happening with iOS 13 and how it will affect the storage space of iPhones.

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