Everyday Examples of Hydraulic Power

Did you know that many everyday things use hydraulic power? From a petrol pump to a barber’s chair, hydraulics are at work every day. For example, the petrol pump uses a hydraulic system to raise the pressure of the fuel. You’ll also find hydraulics in roller coasters, barbers and office chairs – in the same way a hydraulic foot pedal raises a barber or dentist chair to the right height.

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You can find hydraulic components throughout our daily lives, from brake systems and forklifts to aircraft and even the construction industry. Using hydraulics to lift heavy farming machinery is another example of everyday applications of hydraulic power. Even in the entertainment industry, hydraulics are used to create special effects in movies. You may even see hydraulics in a car’s engine!

Hydraulic machines power factories, assembling cars, trucks, and other products. They lift and lower boxes on cranes and other machinery, and they do so with great speed and efficiency. Hydraulics is also used in petrol pumps, pumping fuel into cars quickly. Even your adjustable office chair uses hydraulics to adjust to the right height, so you can work in comfort. It’s not just in industrial settings.

Hydraulics are an essential part of our transportation systems. Automobiles, for example, use hydraulic systems to power their steering and brake lines. Even snowplows use hydraulics to move up and down the road. Hydraulics also power many other pieces of heavy equipment, including in industrial food processing and garbage trucks. Almost every piece of machinery in the construction industry uses hydraulics. From bulldozers and tipper trucks to dishwashers, hydraulics are in everything.

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The simplest hydraulic device uses two cylinders with different diameters. This non compressible fluid combines with an external reservoir to move the two cylinders. If the cylinders are ten inches apart, the force applied to the small cylinder increases the force applied to the larger cylinder. The area difference between the cylinders determines how much pressure the cylinders can lift. For more details on a Hydraulic Power Unit, go to www.hydraproducts.co.uk/Hydraulic-Power-Units/Standard-Power-Units

There are countless applications of fluid power. Most of us aren’t aware of all of its benefits, but they are everywhere. Whether you’re working on a construction project or moving dirt, hydraulic power helps you complete your job faster and more efficiently. Imagine how much harder it would be without hydraulic power!

Another important example of hydraulics is the brake system in a car. A brake system works by using hydraulic pressure to push a piston back and forth. Hydraulic energy is renewable and never runs out. The water cycle and hydraulic energy will continue to be used, without being exhausted.