Five Homemade and Creative Gift Ideas that you can Make for Family and Friends this Christmas

As we come up towards Christmas the stress can start to build – from family tensions to planning the perfect meal, this can all add to the stress of Christmas. Something else that can also cause a lot of stress around the festive season is getting that perfect present for someone.

A great way to give someone a special and meaningful gift, and to lower your stress levels is to spend time making gifts. Doing something creative is a great way to help you combat stress and there are lots of things that you can make that will be great Christmas gifts.

Here are five ideas to help you get started…

Glass Painting – You can get a glass painting kit with paints and a brush and create a pretty candle holder. Buy a cheap plain glass tealight holder and then add your own designs onto it. You can also get templates if you are not wanting to draw out your own design.

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Knitting – One of the best ways to beat feelings of stress, knitting is also a good way to create practical gifts that people will love. Crochet blanket kits like this are really good for giving you all that you need to create what you want.

Wreath Making – Making a special Christmas wreath is really good fun and you can go out for a walk in the woods to find the winter greenery to put in there. Use embellishments like little robins and ribbons to add some extra colour and interest to the wreath, this is a gift that people will be happy to receive.

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Cooking – If spending time in the kitchen is something that relaxes you, then this is the gift idea for you! Spend some time creating some edible delights to give out as gifts, whether you want to come up with a recipe of your own or follow one from a recipe book, there are lots of Christmas treats to choose from.

Photography – If you are a keen photographer, why not do some pictures of something that the recipient loves – a portrait of their kids or pets, or a landscape that they have a special connection to for example will go down well.