The Importance of land reclamation

The UK has always faced a crisis of land sparsity. Being an island, the ability to allocate land for housing, farming, industry, commerce and leisure is always a struggle. Unlike large landlocked countries the demand on space is more acutely felt. Much of our Island is also difficult to use. Whilst there may be huge tracts of land in Scotland’s Highlands and large areas of Wales and England left, these are precious natural resources and also costly to get mains power and water to. Much better than to look at other sources of land rather than building again on the Greenbelt.

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One answer is to look at the land we have already used. This is, for the most part, land that has been used for heavy agriculture or industrial purposes. The land and soil may well contain soil that’s quality is less than perfect for residential and leisure use but with the use of Remediation Contractors like it can be reclaimed and reused.

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It is vital that we continue to do this. We cannot simply take the green land that we have and develop it with brick and concrete or we risk losing the very identity of our island. Future generations will not thank us for leaving them with nothing. Land remediation offers us an affordable option that will help us retain our natural capital and landscapes for generations to come.

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